Not far from Beirut in the Bekaa valley, lies the town Baalbek as is considered the ancient religious center of the Phoenicians. On the hill the height of which was specially increased with stone terraces, are situated beautiful temples dedicated to the gods of the sun, water and rain. The main temple was dedicated to Hadad - or Baal Labnanu the sun-god, patron of Phoenicia, responsible for fertility.

The first written mentions about Baalbek refer to XIV century BC when Akhenaten ruled in Egypt who set a single cult of Aton, the sun god. So that the occurrence of Baalbek is directly connected with Egypt.

During one of his campaigns in Baalbek Alexander the Great visited it, who included Phoenicia in the composition of his immense power. With the commander returned to Baalbeck ancient gods and heroes, and the place itself was renamed in Heliopolis - City of the Sun, which is not to be confused with Heliopolis located near Cairo.

БААЛЬБЕК ТРИЛИТОНЫDuring the time of its existence the Temple by various reasons has been repeatedly destroyed, but each time it was rebuilt on the old basement which it is difficult to destroy and to build now virtually impossible. Real building boom began here in Roman times when Heliopolis-Baalbek became the base for the Empire in the Middle East.

Basis of the church is made of stone blocks. There are nine rows of them in the south-eastern wall of the temple basement. Each block is about the size of 11x4, 6x3,3 m and weighs respectively more than 300 tons. On the same level in the adjoining south-west wall there are as well six 300-ton stones, over which lie three huge megalithic blocks called Trilithon.



These three block of granite form sixth one visible row of masonry wall. Each of these incredibly huge stones reaches the length of 21.3 m, in average, in the height of 4.8 m and the width of 4 m. They weigh more than 800 tons each! Stones of Trilithon so neatly are folded and so accurately fitted that between them it is almost impossible to stick even a needle.


БААЛЬБЕК ЮЖНЫЙ КАМЕНЬ БЕРЕМЕННЫЙ КАМЕНЬAbout massive scale of Trilithon you can judge by the value of the fourth, slightly larger block, known as the "Southern stone " - it lies not far, in open pit. Dimensions of the block of stone are 23 m in length 5.3 m in width and 4.55 m in height. Block weighs approximately 1,000 tons. It is enough stone to build a building with length of 20 and height of 15 meters, with a half-meter thick walls.



Пятый мегалитический блок    Фото Damfauch

There is another megalithic block fifth, which by some reason is less known. Meanwhile, it does not give way to "Southern stone "and lies from it only in 150 meters away. It differs from the "South" with a bit worse preservation and the locals seems began to use the unit as a quarry.

In a certain extent the base of Great Pyramid (GP) in Baalbek exceeds, in which the largest granite blocks on the ceiling of the King's Chamber weigh "only" 50-80 tons. However, they are on the height of about 50 meters.

As well as all the objects in our study Baalbek is a remarkable landmark well visible from above which, as time has shown, is not afraid of wind, earthquakes, people, vegetation.

In the article "GEODESY OF MERIDIANS."
it was told that meridian of GP is an ancient zero meridian of the Earth from which multiply to10 degrees are located meridians of Teotihuacan, Tiwanaku, Easter island, Lhasa and Uluru. Together with GP, the listed objects give 10-degree meridian network of planet. Meridian Baalbek is separated from the meridian of GP on 5 degrees to the east, and thus, together with Samaipata, meridian of which is separated from meridian of Tiwanaku also on 5 degrees to the east, and give of 5-degree division.

In addition, Baalbek is equidistant from Tiwanaku, Teotihuacan and Nan Madol. And is not just equidistant but in the golden ratio. See article "LOCATION OF ANCIENT STRUCTURES IN THE GOLDEN SECTION."

БААЛЬБЕК. НОНАГОН. СИСТЕМА ПИРАМИД АЗИМУТ меридиан широта ориентация © GeoLines.ruNow consider how azimuths of these and other historic buildings in the point of Baalbek interact. Let's start with hexagram oriented along the cardinal points. In this position of octagon we see that azimuth of Vatican - Rome, equal to 299.94 degrees differs from the direction to the North on 60 degrees with an accuracy of 0.06.The distance to Vatican is 2252 miles, or exactly 20 degrees along the arc of globe.

To this combination you can safely include the direction to the island of Faith, which differs from the direction to the North on 30.74 degrees. Accuracy, of course, is more.

As one can see on the image azimuths of Vatican and the island of Faith are perpendicular to each other, the error is -0.8.

БААЛЬБЕК. НОНАГОН. СИСТЕМА ПИРАМИД АЗИМУТ меридиан широта ориентация © GeoLines.ru But it can be that it is not the error, because if we turn hexagram on 0.8 degree clockwise, then we will get a very accurate coincidence of Faith island and Angkor azimuths between which are 60 degrees with the error of + 0.16.

There is another very interesting moment connected with azimuth of Faith island and more likely simply with azimuth of 30 degrees. The fact is that if we continue azimuth of Faith island in the opposite direction the line will pass through the colonnade of neighbor with Baalbek temple, and hanging in the air through the end of the fifth block on which is cut the half of the butt. Thus, it can be well that a stone is not abandoned but lies in the right place, noting azimuth 30 degrees.

You can see it all on interactive map at the end of the page. To do this select the combination with azimuth of Faith island and trace a line in the southern direction.


БААЛЬБЕК. НОНАГОН. СИСТЕМА ПИРАМИД АЗИМУТ меридиан широта ориентация © GeoLines.ru Turn hexagram on 5 degrees clockwise. In this position we get a combination of three azimuth, angles between which coincide with the angles of octagon.

Between azimuths of Mohenjo-Daro and Nan Madol are 30.13 degrees. Error + 0.13.
Between azimuths of Mohenjo-Daro and Por Bajin are 15.07 degrees. Error + 0.07.
Between azimuths of Por Bajin and Mohenjo-Daro are 45.2 degrees. Accuracy ± 0.2 and thus we will see this pair when we wiil consider octagon.

БААЛЬБЕК. ГЕКСАГРАММА. СИСТЕМА ПИРАМИД АЗИМУТ меридиан широта ориентация © GeoLines.ruTurn hexagram on 14.5 degrees clockwise. In this position we get with error of 0.07 azimuth of Teotihuacan from which is separated on 30/150 degrees azimuth of Mecca. Accuracy is + 0.4.
БААЛЬБЕК. ГЕКСАГРАММА. СИСТЕМА ПИРАМИД АЗИМУТ меридиан широта ориентация © GeoLines.ruThen turn hexagram counter-clockwise.

Turning on 6 degrees, with the error of 0.07 will give us azimuth of Tiwanaku which is perpendicular to azimuth of St. Petersburg. Angle between the directions is 89.39 degrees error is -0.61.

As we know from the article "MYSTERIES OF SAINT PETERSBURG. LOCATION OF CITY " line Tiwanaku - St. Petersburg, in the point St. Petersburg is perpendicular to meridian of the Great Pyramid. Here we also see that the line of Tiwanaku - Baalbek is perpendicular to the line of St. Petersburg - Baalbek. Accuracy is 0.07.

Besides, the distance from Baalbek to St. Petersburg, it is ¼ of the distance from Baalbek to Tiwanaku, with accuracy of 0.2.

БААЛЬБЕК. ГЕКСАГРАММА. СИСТЕМА ПИРАМИД АЗИМУТ меридиан широта ориентация © GeoLines.ruTurn hexagram on 8.3 degrees counter-clockwise. In such position it can be clearly seen that the angle between Kailash and Sigiriya is close to 30 degrees. Accuracy is + 0.36.

This combination is interesting because as we remember Kailash, Sigiriya and Teotihuacan lies almost on the same meridian. Here Kailash and Sigiriya are together again.

And in the point of Kailash azimuth of Sigiriya actively interacts with other azimuths according to all four figures.
In short, Sigiriya and Kailash are clearly paired objects.

БААЛЬБЕК. ГЕКСАГРАММА. СИСТЕМА ПИРАМИД АЗИМУТ меридиан широта ориентация © GeoLines.ruHaving turned hexagram on 10 degrees counter-clockwise we obtain an unique combination of five azimuths, which are located around Baalbek multiply to 30 degrees. And Samaipata and Lhasa with Baalbek lie almost on the same line, and the direction to Solomon temple and Uluru are close to perpendicularity with the error a bit more 1degree.

As we turned hexagram on10 degrees the exact values of azimuth must end on 0 and the errors is not difficult to determine.

The exact angles between the directions are:
Between Samaipata and Solomon temple- 59.61 degrees, error is-0.39.
Between Lhasa and Solomon temple -120.74 degrees, error + 0.74.
Between Samaipata and Uluru - 150.8 degrees, error is + 0.8.
Between Lhasa and Uluru - 29.55 degrees, error is 0.45.
Between Lhasa and Por Bajin - 29.77 degrees, error is -0.23.
Between Samaipata and Por Bajin - 30.12 degrees, error is + 0.12.
Between Uluru and Solomon temple - 91.19 degrees, error is + 1.19.

There is another important moment linking Samaipata and Uluru. The fact that two objects are equidistant from Baalbek, not just are equidistant but according to angles of pentagram. Distance from Samaipata to Baalbek is 12025 km or 108.1 degrees along the arc of a circle. Distance from Uluru to Baalbek is 11960 km or 107.6 degrees along the arc of a circle. A 108 as is known 72 + 36 degrees.

БААЛЬБЕК. ГЕКСАГРАММА. СИСТЕМА ПИРАМИД АЗИМУТ меридиан широта ориентация © GeoLines.ruIf to turn hexagram on11 degrees counterclockwise then we will get another combination of azimuth, with errors less 1 degree in which participates the direction to Great Pyramid and Uluru.

Azimuth of GP is close to Por Bajin but divergence of lines is more than 1 degree. Therefore, a small rotation of hexagram gives such results.

The angle between the azimuths of the GP and Uluru is 119.11 degrees, the error is -0.89.

Distance to GP is 654 km or 5.9 degrees along the arc of globe. Therefore, the distance to GP with small errors is 1/18 of distances to Samaipata and Uluru.


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