Кайлас западная сторонаKAILASH. HEXAGRAM.

Many myths and legends associate with Kailas. Four world religions consider Kailash as a sacred place. Hindus believe that Kailash is the cosmic center of the universe and a powerful god Shiva lives there and a sacred lake Manasarovar located nearly is created by god Brahma.

The ancient religion of Tibet - Bon, also believes Kailash sacred place, the source of life appearance and the location of mystical country Shang Shung.

From the point of view of the east cosmology mount Kailash is the center of our world system through which the axis of the universe passes. It is quite possible that this is so.

Kailash selects among other one pyramidal shape with a snow cap and edges oriented almost exactly to cardinal points.

 КАЙЛАС. ГЕКСАГРАММА. СИСТЕМА ПИРАМИД АЗИМУТ меридиан широта ориентация © GeoLines.ruWith orientation of hexagram along the north-south axis we will start. As it already mentioned, Kailash, as well as Sigiriya, is situated almost on the meridian of Teotihuacan. See article "KAILASH AND PIRAMID SYSTEM" to which we will return.

So, orient octagon to the cardinal points we will see that the direction to Teotihuacan coincides with the direction to the North (error is + 0.19), and the direction to Nan Madol with the direction to the East, (accuracy is + 0.7). The angle between the directions is 90.58 degrees.

It is interesting, that the distance from Kailash to Nan Madol is 8389 km, or 75.4 degrees along the arc of globe. 75,4 is 5/24 of all length of the Earth circumference or 60 degrees + 15 degrees. Thus Kailash and Nan Madol divide their large circle in the ratio of hexagram.

Here we must mention another moment concerning of Baalbek which to Kailas, as we will see below has a direct relationship. Direction Kailash - Nan Madol has azimuth 90.77 degrres. If we stand in Baalbek, then this direction, with a small error, will mean the direction to Angkor. Azimuth of line Baalbek - Angkor is 90.90 degrees. It means that to stand in the point of Kailas and look at Nan Madol, is like of standing in the point of Baalbek and look at Angkor.

Angkor, with Baalbek, also has a direct link with Kailas which we will see looking pentagram.

 КАЙЛАС. ГЕКСАГРАММА. СИСТЕМА ПИРАМИД АЗИМУТ меридиан широта ориентация © GeoLines.ruAs we already know, Sigiriya is located very close to the meridian of Teotihuacan, but unlike Kailash lies on 20 km to the west. As a result the line Kailash - Sigiriya has deviation from the north-south axis on 1.39 degree.

Therefore, if we turn hexagram about 1.5 degrees clockwise direction we will get the direction to Sigiriya from which with the difference of 120 degrees, with small errors are located azimuths of three objects - Nazca, Menorca and Vatican which together with Kailas actually lie on the same line. The angles between azimuths are:

Between Nazca and Sigiriya - 120.46 * (+ 0.46 *).
Between Menorca and Sigiriya - 120.39 * (+ 0.39 *).
Between Vatican and Sigiriya - 120.59 * (+ 0.59 *).

Speaking of Sigiriya it is necessary to note one more moment, which also does not look random. The fact that the mountain Sigiriya with Por Bajin to which we will return considering petagram and octagon, Plain of Jars in Laos and the Chinese pyramids are equidistant from Kailash. Distances from Kailash are - to Sigiriya - 2559 km (23 *) to Por Bajin - 2546 km (22.9 *), to the Valley of Jars - 2523 km (22.8 *), to the Chinese pyramids - 2580 km (23.2 *).

 КАЙЛАС. ГЕКСАГРАММА. СИСТЕМА ПИРАМИД АЗИМУТ меридиан широта ориентация © GeoLines.ruDescribed above combination has direct relation to Baalbek, which is also in accordance with hexagram interacts with the KAILASH - VATICAN - Minorca - NAZCA.

If we turn hexagram on13.2 degrees counter-clockwise we will obtain the exact azimuth of Baalbek, from which on 15 degrees are away azimuths of Nazca, Menorca and Vatican, which is a diagonal of the square.

This combination, when one and the same line interacts with certain directions at different rotations of the same figure - hexagram became possible because turning on 1.5 degree clockwise in the previous case, and turning on 13.2 degrees in this case give ,in total ,14.7 degrees, i.e. with a small error 15 degrees. In fact, we divided with hexagram the circle by 15 degrees. It means that the direction to Baalbek, Nazca, Menorca, Vatican and Sigiriya are located around Kailash multiply to15 degrees.

How it looks in reality, you can see on the interactive map at the end of this page, including two combinations simultaneously.

Angles between the directions are:

Between Nazca and Baalbek - 15.06 * (+ 0.06 *).
Between Menorca and Baalbek - 14.99 * (-0.01 *).
Between Vatican and Baalbek - 15.19 * (+ 0.19 *).

 КАЙЛАС. ГЕКСАГРАММА. СИСТЕМА ПИРАМИД АЗИМУТ меридиан широта ориентация © GeoLines.ruThen turn hexagram on16 degrees counter-clockwise. In this position we find that two more object - Samaipata and Solomon temple together with Kailas lie almost on the same line.

Relatively to this line, according to the angles of hexagram are symmetrical azimuths of Uluru and Lalibela.

Angles between the directions are:

Between Samaipata and Uluru - 30.12 * (+ 0.12 *).
Between Samaipata and Lalibela - 30.48 * (+ 0.48 *).
Between Solomon temple and the Uluru - 30.62 * (+ 0.62 *).
Between Solomon temple and Lalibela - 29.98 * (-0.02 *).

 КАЙЛАС. ГЕКСАГРАММА. СИСТЕМА ПИРАМИД АЗИМУТ меридиан широта ориентация © GeoLines.ruHaving turned hexagram on 4 degrees counter-clockwise we find that the angle between azimuths of St. Petersburg and Mecca is close to 60 degrees. Accuracy is + 0.66
 КАЙЛАС. ГЕКСАГРАММА. СИСТЕМА ПИРАМИД АЗИМУТ меридиан широта ориентация © GeoLines.ruNow turn hexagram on 15 degrees counter-clockwise, if more exactly it is necessary to turn on 15.3 degrees. In this position we get azimuths of Stonehenge and Mohenjo-Daro without errors, the angle between which is exactly 60 degrees.

As it mentioned in the article "TRIANGLES OF GIZA", this pair of objects are equidistant from Great Pyramid, together with which they are the basic points giving the system of equilateral triangles.

Then we will contact again to the article "KAILASH AND PIRAMID SYSTEM", in which stated that the line of Mohenjo-Daro - Kailash is tangent to the latitude of Baalbek, and in the point where the Chinese pyramid are located.

It is interesting, that Kailash is a sacred mountain for the most of the world religions, was related to their ancient and modern centers. Now, thanks to hexagram it is not difficult to determine the direction of the most of them.


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