Among of many Micronesian islands scattered in the Pacific Ocean between the equator and the Tropic of crayfish, there is a small volcanic island in the eastern part of Caroline islands called Ponape. It occupies the area in 303 square km, and could easily fit within Moscow ring road. Despite of this, there is a capital of the whole country - Micronesia, and the island itself is the largest of the constituent of the State. The island is surrounded with almost continuous coral reef, which has several passages to the open sea.

Around Ponape is scattered many of small atolls and islands, on one of which under the name of the Theme is situated the object which is even more well -known than the island - Nan Madol itself ,a complex of ancient megalithic structures.

НАН МАМАДОЛ ВЕНЕЦИЯ ТИХОГО ОКЕАНАNan Madol is "Venice" of Pacific Ocean and is one of the greatest mysteries of our time. The complex consists of 92 (!) of man-made islands, erected on a coral reef, and occupies the area of about 130 hectares. The length of some islands comes to hundreds of meters. They are composed of hexagonal and octagonal huge basalt columns weighing from one to ten tons. More precisely: of the columns as from beams are stacked walls of islets. And their internal space is filled with coral rubble. The thickness of the layer of coral rubble ranges from 2 to 3 m, that allowed possible to maintain the interior of the man-made islands dry even during tides.

For strength of foundation of many islands column are make double. Each of the parts is fitted to each other and fastened with the cross bars, cross-pieces. Many of the "fixing" stones weigh more than 30 tons! Long basalt beams, stacked in piles as huge sacrificial fires, soar to a height of 9, and in some places even up to 18 meters - that is, to the height of a seven-story building. But it is not just the stacks but the walls of giant structures. The wall thickness is up to 4 meters.

ПЛАН НАН МАДОЛАThe more impressive is the largest construction of Nan Madol - Nan Duvas. It is surrounded by two concentric walls, between which there is moat, filled with sea water; in the middle of construction there is pyramidal mound. The walls reach a height of more than 7 meters and built of blocks - megaliths of crystalline basalt; some of them weigh up to 50 tons and have a length of 6 meters.

Who created all these? Who and why was it necessary to put hundreds of thousands of basalt blocks in stacks, just amused with multi-ton swingers like children's blocks? And to do this is not even on the island itself, but directly in the waters of Pacific Ocean ...

According to the official version, Nan Madol was the ceremonial and political place of dynasty Co-Delyur which combined population of Ponape in ancient times. Oral evidence and archaeological studies indicate that Nan Madol was an outstanding political and religious center until the 15th century AD, when collapsed centralized system of local empire. Although the "empire", of course, it is difficult to call, because society has not risen from the primitive level.
In local museum, you can find items only predominantly made of wood and bone. And the population of the "empire", according to historians, is not more than 25 thousand people (compared with all the modern population of Micronesia and now only 5 times more).



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By all measures, Nan Madol is incredible structure and a simple analysis shows that the islanders could not create it.
However, they do not pretend on it.

Aboriginal legends say that the creators of Nan Madol were two god-king - and Olosope Olosipe who arrived by boat from west.
As the legend goes, these "wise and holy men" built four capital on the island, and then left them.
Remains of the settlements are found by archaeologists! Nan Madol was also built by them only as a fifth city.

After climbing to the top of a high mountain, and Olosopa Olosipa surveyed the island and chose the place for its construction.
Looking into the blue of Pacific Ocean they saw underwater city of the gods, and took it as a sign that their city they should build in this place. Therefore, Nan Madol is built as a "mirror image" of its sank fellow.
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Sunken "city of the gods", called in the legend Hanimveyso also is not fictional. In course of work on preserving of local archaeological heritage, led by Dr. Arthur Sachs from the Ohio State University, was carried out detailed surveying of large areas of Nan Madol, which confirmed the existence of numerous underwater ruins, including those located in very large depths.

Thus, we have another giant megalithic structure on a small island in the Pacific Ocean, with a clear plan, the occurrence of which in this point seems unsolvable mystery.

However, if we consider the Nan Madol, as a benchmark, then a lot of things stand on their places. For example, it is clear for what is needed massiveness - the basic layout is not destroyed and the lines are still visible. At sea, possibly build, so that contours did not grow with vegetation and maintained its benchmark functions.

Our studies have shown that Nan Madol by virtue of its location has a connection with the movement of Venus and Mercury, being on the line of their transits (See article "NAN MADOL AND VENUS TRANSIT IN 2012").
And as well a direct link with the base points of the system of ancient structures .

НАН МАДОЛ. ГЕКСАГРАММА. СИСТЕМА ПИРАМИД АЗИМУТ меридиан широта ориентация © GeoLines.ruResearch of directions to the main object of the system, from the point of view of regular geometric angles yielded surprising results not leaving doubts that Nan Madol is at least a major landmark and a key point of the SDMS.

But first things first. Let's start with hexagram, which orient to the cardinal points. In this position, we obtain with the error + 0.45 degrees azimuth of Vatican, as well with accuracy of + 0.39 azimuth of sacred Mount Kailash.

With accuracy of -0.6 in this combination participate the direction to Lhasa azimuth of which is equal to 299.4 degrees. Thus, the directions to Kailash and Lhasa in the point of Nan Madol differs exactly on 1degree.

It is interesting that in the point of Baalbek azimuth of Vatican is 299.94degrees, i.e. differs from azimuth of Nan Madol on 30 degrees, and is equal to azimuth of Kailash and Lhasa with a small errors. And this is one of the moments binding Nan Madol and Baalbek, which lie relatively to each other in the golden section.

НАН МАДОЛ. ГЕКСАГРАММА. СИСТЕМА ПИРАМИД АЗИМУТ меридиан широта ориентация © GeoLines.ruThen start to rotate hexagram. Turning hexagon on 6.6 degrees clockwise we find that the angle between azimuth of St. Petersburg, i.e. the place where meridian of Great Pyramid intersects with the 60th latitude and the direction to sacred mountain Sigiriya is 60 degrees, with the error of -0.38.
НАН МАДОЛ. ГЕКСАГРАММА. СИСТЕМА ПИРАМИД АЗИМУТ меридиан широта ориентация © GeoLines.ruNow rotate hexagram on 9 degrees clockwise. In this position we obtain an unique combination of 5 azimuths a random occurrence is hardly possible.

Solomon temple, Great Pyramid (GP), Chinese pyramids and Nan Madol rather accurately lie on one line to which is perpendicular the direction to Uluru.

Right angle between the lines divides the direction to Teotihuacan in the ratio of 30/60.

Angles between the directions are:
Between GP and Teotihuacan - 60.37 degrees the error is + 0.37.
Between Uluru and Teotihuacán - 30.1 degrees the error is 0.1.
Between GP and Uluru - 90.47 degrees, the error is + 0.47.

Besides, the angular distance from Nan Madol to Teotihuacan is 11076 km or 99.6 degrees, i.e. with accuracy of 44 km - 100 degrees.

Distance to Chinese pyramids is 5917 km or 53.2 degrees. This value is relatively close to 54 degrees, i.e. to the angle of pentagram (36 + 18). And since pyramids in China occupy area of more than 100 km, perhaps in the valley there is a pyramid, to which is exactly 54 degrees.

By the way, from Nan Madol to Angkor, which we will discuss later – is 5997 km or 53.9 degrees, i.e. with accuracy of just more 10 km. - 54 degrees. Thus, Angkor and Chinese pyramids are equidistant from Nan Madol.

НАН МАДОЛ. ГЕКСАГРАММА. СИСТЕМА ПИРАМИД АЗИМУТ меридиан широта ориентация © GeoLines.ruTurn hexagram on 11.2 degrees clockwise. In this position we can see that the angle between Baalbek and Angkor is close to 30 degrees. Error is -0.78.

It turns out that in this combination Nan Madol by distance with Baalbek is located in the golden section and with Angkor in the ratio of pentagram.

НАН МАДОЛ. ГЕКСАГРАММА. СИСТЕМА ПИРАМИД АЗИМУТ меридиан широта ориентация © GeoLines.ruFinally turning hexagram on16 degrees clockwise we find that between the directions to Stonehenge and Tiwanaku – are 120/60 degrees.

The exact angle is equal to - 59.55 degrees, the error is -0.45.

The distance from Nan Madol to Stonehenge is 13303 km or 119.5 degrees. Thus, with an error of -0.5 degree or about 60 miles, Stonehenge and Nan Madol divide their large circle in the ratio of hexagram. See article "HEXAGRAM IN LOCATION OF PIRAMID AND OTHER MEGALITIC STRUCTURES"

It is interesting that, according to a legend, the channels dividing the construction of Nan Madol were once dug by "dragon" helping to Olosope and Olosipe. Dragon, as expected spewed fire. According to another version, with this fire the dragon created channels. The dragon has had a "servant" who was considered a magician (in local terminology - Unani). Unani knew a spell that was enough to say, and basalt boulders flew up into the air like a straw. The second magic spell was enough to say and blocks themselves quickly fit into the right place without any participation of residents. In another version of the legend Olosope and Olosipe possessed themselves with magical powers.


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