So let us return to main frame, which is built from Great Pyramid (GP) in Giza. From key points of this frame, with help of  hexagram, with very high accuracy it is possible to build directions to the following objects: - Easter Island (EI), Tiwanaku, Samaipata, Angkor, Teotihuacan, Mecca, Mohenjo-daro (MD), Uluru, Sigiriya, Kiev-Pechersk and Trinity-Sergius Lavra.

According to the laws of spherical geometry lines built from zero point on equator to the points on 30th latitude, which are located on meridian perpendicular to meridian, points, will correspond to hexagram oriented to the cardinal. For example, for an angle 60 ° azimuth corresponds to a line of 0 °, 0 ° - 30 °, 90 °. The distance between these points is equal to ¼ of the circle of Earth.

For the same reason, the lines from equator to perpendicular points on the 60th latitude will have an azimuth of 30 ° and the same distance. The easiest way to show this on the globe. See. The image below.

         5-            HEXAGRAM

         5-            HEXAGRAM If we finish the rest lines we will get the symmetric network, all lines of which correspond to lines of hexagram. Furthermore, we obtain equator division into 16 equal parts.

Having divided the angles 45 ° in half, we got yet 8 meridians, which divide equator multiply to 22.5 °. Now it is possible to determine the location of objects listed above. Let us start with Tiwanaku, which lies on the line with an azimuth 210.00 ° from the intersection point of perpendicular to meridian of GP with equator. The same hexagram gives the directions to GP, Samaipata, Palenque and St. Petersburg. In the case of Tiwanaku error is 0.02 and in the case of Samaipata - 4.

         5-            HEXAGRAM

This combination explains why complex of Tiwanaku is equidistant from the North Pole (NP) and GP. This happens because all points lying on a line with azimuths of 30 ° - 210 °, outgoing from intersection of perpendicular to meridian of GP with equator will be equidistant from NP and Great Pyramid.

As can be seen on the image, lines Tiwanaku - St. Petersburg, with an accuracy of 0.1 ° perpendicular to the direction to Palenque, in which the Great Pyramid is oriented along this line.

         5-            HEXAGRAM Directions to Easter Island give two hexagrams, located on meridians 157.5 ° and -157.5 °.

In this case coordinates of EI, in a coordinate system constructed from GP can be calculated immediately from formula.

         5-            HEXAGRAM Direction to Kiev-Pechersk Lavra, which lies almost on meridian of GP, is set with angle  30 ° from meridian -45 °, with an error 0.03 °.

Now we will move to Eastern Hemisphere. Here one hexagram defines 3 directions from the meridian of 45 to Uluru, Mohenjo-daro and Sigiriya and the other one from meridian 67.5 ° gives direction to Trinity-Sergius Lavra. In this directions to Uluru and Sigiriya in this point are perpendicular.

         5-            HEXAGRAM

Direction to Angkor is set from the point with coordinates of 0 °, 135 °. It differs from direction to the north 15 °, with an accuracy of 0.03. Azimuth of line is equal to 285.03 °.

         5-            HEXAGRAM

Still, we got the directions to the objects with the help of hexagram angles, from the points of intersection of main meridians with equator. But in measuring of azimuth lines obtained, on the contrary, from key objects on pivot points of main carcass it was found that the angles between these lines, in many cases, correspond to the angles of correct figures, in particular to hexagram.

Besides, some directions to objects are set with right angles from intersection points of main meridians not with equator but with 30-th latitudes.

It means that the objects are arranged so that direct and inverse tasks solve simultaneously from carcass you can obtain objects and from objects, the main point of the carcass.

In practice it looks as follows. Let us start with Teotihuacan.

         5-            HEXAGRAM If from Teotihuacan build a line along azimuth of 120 °, with the error of 0.1 ° it will indicate the point with coordinates -45 °, -30 °.
         5-            HEXAGRAM From Teotihuacan direction to the point with coordinates 30 °, 180 ° has azimuth  293.17 °, and to the point with coordinates 30 °, 112.5 ° - 53.55 °. The angle between these directions is 120.38 °, i.e. with an accuracy of 0.38 ° it corresponds to hexagram.
         5-            HEXAGRAM The same situation and we see with other points of SAMC. So, in the point of Mecca, the angle between azimuths to the point with coordinates 0 °, 0 ° and 30 °, is equal to 22.5 ° - 150.01 °.

To see this, we must turn hexagram on 7.3 ° counter-clockwise.

         5-            HEXAGRAM Also in Mecca, the angle between the direction to the point of the main carcass with  coordinates of 0 °, 22.5 ° and 0 °, 45 ° is 30 ° with an accuracy of - 0.33 °.
         5-            HEXAGRAM Directions from another megalithic object - the Temple of Solomon (ST), located in the center of 3 world religions Jerusalem, on pivots points of carcass also correspond to the correct angles.

So the direction to the point with coordinates 0 °, 45 ° and 60 °, 45 ° -are perpendicular and the angle between them is equal to 90 °, with an error of .002.

         5-            HEXAGRAM Solomon temple forms another a very interesting combination with points of -90 °, 30 ° and 0 °, 22.5 °. The angle between the directions corresponds hexagram and is - 150 ° with an accuracy of 0.1 °.

Reverse direction from a point with coordinates -90 °, 30 ° to Solomon temple  has azimuth 60.17 ° and also corresponds to hexagram oriented to the cardinal.

         5-            HEXAGRAM Direction to Solomon temple, with an accuracy of 0.2 °, can also be obtained with coordinates -30 °, 90 °. The azimuth of the line is equal to 299.80 ° and corresponds to hexagram.
         5-            HEXAGRAM In Stonehenge angle between directions to the points with coordinates 60 °, -45 ° and 30 °, -45 ° is - 119.73 ° and with an accuracy of 0.27 °corresponds to hexagram.
         5-            HEXAGRAM Let us pass to Nan Madol. In this point angle between directions to the points with coordinates 30 °, 135 ° and 30 °, 157.5 ° corresponds to  angle of  hexagram - 30 °, with an accuracy of 0.24 °.

Herewith extension of line with an azimuth of 17.20 ° is actually a diagonal of upper sector. If we take azimuth of this line from 30th latitude, it will be equal to 20 °, with an accuracy of 0.03.

         5-            HEXAGRAM In Nan Madol directions to the points with coordinates -30°, 67.5 ° and -30 °, 157.5 ° are perpendicular with the error of 0.35 °.

Thus, in this case Nan Madol is located so that the directions to perpendicular meridians are also perpendicular. This is true for the intersection points of these meridians with 30th latitude in the southern hemisphere.

         5-            HEXAGRAM Angle between the directions to the points with coordinates 0 °, 112.5 ° and 0 °, 180 ° in the point of Nan Madol, also corresponds to hexagram , but with an error of 0.38 °,and is equal to 150.38 °.
All these mentioned points can be constructed on the plane. To do this we shall depict equator as a straight line and divide it into 16 parts by 22.5 °. See. The image below. Then display the 30th latitudes and in scale lay the distance to objects, according to the angles corners of hexagram.

         5-            HEXAGRAM

In the image above, 30th latitudes were obtained as follows; from a point 0 line was constructed at an angle of 60 °. The intersection of this line with 90th meridian is the 30th latitude. In this variant in the construction on plane, we found other laws as intersections of directions on certain meridians, which, in theory, should not be.

This hexagram is over and we move on to pentagram.

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Author:  GeoLines.ru