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The second sector is situated a bit to the north of the first one and is almost one intact with it. This sector is small and 17 lines is traced in it in total.
       , nazca lines, , , , azimuth, , , ,   , ˨ .
LINE S02-01 AZIMUTH - 126.28 / 306.28 LINE S02-02 AZIMUTH - 126.30 / 306.30 LINE S02-03 AZIMUTH - 113.70 / 293.70
ULURU - Stonehenge 306.63 / 126.63
SIGIRIYA ROCK - ULURU 125.95 / 305.95
SIGIRIYA ROCK - Solomon temple 125.90 / 305.90
Vera Island - LHASA 126.18 / 306.18
ULURU - Stonehenge 306.63 / 126.63
SIGIRIYA ROCK - ULURU 125.95 / 305.95
SIGIRIYA ROCK - Solomon temple 125.90 / 305.90
Vera Island - LHASA 126.18 / 306.18
MECCA - ULURU 113.43 / 293.43
NAZCA - Great Zimbabwe 113.98 / 293.96
Vera Island - Tiwanaku 293.75 / 113.75
LINE S02-04 AZIMUTH - 59.31 / 239.31 LINE S02-05 AZIMUTH - 63.77 / 243.77 LINE S02-06 AZIMUTH - 83.31 / 263.31
Tiwanaku - Baalbek 59.31 / 239.31
Por-Bajin - Great Zimbabwe 239.35 / 59.35
SAMAIPATA - Baalbek 59.21 / 239.21
NAZCA - Baalbek 58.98 / 238.98
USHTOGAY SQUARE - Great Pyramid 243.76 / 63.76 NAZCA - Lalibela 83.60 / 263.60
USHTOGAY SQUARE - Nan Madol 83.35 / 263.35
Tiwanaku - Nan Madol 263.82 / 83.82
Moenjo-daro - Nan Madol 83.82 / 263.82
Moenjo-daro - MECCA 263.31 / 83.31
LINE S02-07 AZIMUTH - 85.40 / 265.40 LINE S02-08 AZIMUTH - 60.00 / 240.00 LINE S02-09 AZIMUTH - 95.00 / 275.00
Great Pyramid - MOHENJO-DARO 85.39 / 265.39
Baalbek - Plain of Jarsl 85.43 / 265.43
Great Zimbabwe - Asuka stones 60.13 / 240.13
Por-Bajin - Great Zimbabwe 239.35 / 59.35
Easter Island - Nan Madol 275.06 / 95.06
Mohenjo-daro - Easter Island 275.00 / 95.00
Baalbek - Mohenjo-daro 95.01 / 275.01
LINE S02-10 AZIMUTH - 76.30 / 256.30 LINE S02-11 AZIMUTH - 72.25 / 252.25 LINE S02-12 AZIMUTH - 96.60 / 276.60
GP - SAMAIPATA 256.39 / 76.39
Lalibela - Tiwanaku 256.58 / 76.58
Stonehenge - ULURU 72.36 / 252.36
Por-Bajin - Lalibela 72.38 / 252.38
- Easter Island 252.37 / 72.37
Nan Madol - SIGIRIYA 276.61 / 96.61
LINE S02-13 AZIMUTH - 136.05 / 316.05 LINE S02-14 AZIMUTH - 64.75 / 244.75 LINE S02-15 AZIMUTH - 74.43 / 254.43
SAMAIPATA - TEOTIHUACAN 316.06 / 136.06 Baalbek - Nan Madol 64.88 / 244.88 Great Pyramid - LHASA 74.31 / 254.31
KAILASH - Chinese pyramids 74.42 / 254.42
Lalibela - SAMAIPATA 254.26 / 74.26
LINE S02-16 AZIMUTH - 141.50 / 321.50 LINE S02-17 AZIMUTH - 140.35 / 320.35 LINE S02-18 AZIMUTH - 165.85 / 345.85
NAZCA - ANGKOR 141.57 / 321.57
LHASA - ANGKOR 141.26 / 321.26
LHASA - ULURU 140.96 / 320.96
Great Pyramid - Stonehenge 320.38 / 140.38
SIGIRIYA ROCK - Stonehenge 320.73 / 140.73
Nan Madol - Stonehenge 345.85 / 165.85
KAILASH - Great Zimbabwe^ 345.86 / 165.86
SPB - Mecca 165.88 / 345.88
As seen from the table the objects are practically the same as in the first sector. From 17 lines traced in this sector, five ones are connected with Great Pyramid (GP). These are lines 05, 07, 10, 15 and 17, which correspond to real directions to Mohenjo-daro (MD), Samaipata, Lhasa and Stonehenge, as well as the direction from Ushtogaysky square to GP.

On Nazca plateau line 17 corresponds to the direction GP - Stonehenge, and is the western segment of one line, which is bent at an angle of 25 °. The second segment - line 18 corresponds to the direction of Nan Madol - Stonehenge, but we will talk about it later.

In an article «THE GREATPYRAMID. HEXAGRAM» is described the combination, in which participate azimuths of Stonehenge and Tiwanaku. In the point of GP angle between these directions is equal to 60 ° with an accuracy of 0.3 °. It is easily to assure in this by turning hexagram on 10 ° counter-clockwise.

Having combined the center of this combination with bending, that is, with the beginning of line 17, which is the direction to Stonehenge, we will obtain also the direction in Nazca to Tiwanaku (bottom right image). Having extended this line further, we will find that it indicate to explicitly designated point in another, adjacent trapezoid (lower left image), designated according to our classification as Sector 05. We can bravely to assume that this point in 5 sector in this combination represents Tiwanaku.

        , nazca lines, , , , azimuth, , , ,   , ˨         , nazca lines, , , , azimuth, , , ,   , ˨

Let us consider a small development of this combination. The second end of line 17 by the direction to Stonehendge indicates to another one designated point where several lines intersect. From this point of "Stonehenge", go out directions to Baalbek and Uluru, which indicate to major centers in huge figures situated in neighborhood. There is also the direction from another point, which corresponds to the direction from Nazca to Stonehenge.

        , nazca lines, , , , azimuth, , , ,   , ˨

As already mentioned, the direction to Tiwanaku from combination of hexagram indicates to the center in west trapezoid from which there is the direction to Kailas - a point in T-shaped figure.

To the point "Tiwanaku" there is a direction from the center, located in the beginning of a huge arrow, which corresponds to azimuth of line St. Petersburg - Tiwanaku. As you know, Tiwanaku is equidistant from the North Pole and from Great Pyramid with accuracy in a few kilometers. Therefore, line St. Petersburg - Tiwanaku is the height of equilateral triangle and its base is meridian of GP.

Furthermore, GP, Stonehenge and Tiwanaku, are the most important, fundamental points of system of ancient monumental buildings (SAMC), which set a basic symmetric network on the planet. Read more about this in the end of article «THE GREAT PYRAMID. HEXAGRAM», also publication «SYMMETRICAL SYSTEM OF PYRAMIDS AND OTHER MEGALITHIC STRUCTURES».

From the point of GP, there is also the direction to Mecca, which points to the next point in Nazca, as well as directions to Baalbek and Plain of Jars in Laos. These trends also point to major centers and with accuracy up to hundredths correspond to real azimuths between historical objects.

This combination, as well as the previous ones, you can develop further and newly find points will give other directions to specific points. Interactive map in the end of the page shows some of them.

Now return to line 18, which corresponds to the direction from Nan Madol (NM) to Stonehenge - 345.85 °. This line is rather short, 163 meters in length, terminates on the side of a huge triangular figure and through this point passes another line - 11, azimuth of which corresponds to the direction of Stonehenge - Uluru

In the point of NM there is a combination of azimuths, angles between which correspond to angles of nonagon, i.e. 20 ° and 10 °. Among them there is a combination, in which participate azimuths of Stonehenge, Sigiriya, Island of Faith and Tiwanaku. In Nazca, in the direction of NM - Stonehenge there is a line - 12, which corresponds to the direction of NM - Sigiriya. If we continue line 18, i.e. direction NM-Stonehenge, it will cross with line HM-Sigiriya inside of the same triangular figure coming out from the center of Sector 1, in well visible point lying on line 12.

If we assume that this intersection is a point of Nan Madol, then putting on it combination of 4 azimuths, which are connected with angles of nonagon, we will get directions to Stonehenge and Tiwanaku, between which 120 °, also the direction to Sigiriya and to island of Faith. See. lower left image.

Continuation of direction to Tiwanaku indicates to the point in rectangular bending of lines the distance to which is 2373 m. From this point there is the direction to GP, and what is most interesting to HM. See.  lower right image.

        , nazca lines, , , , azimuth, , , ,   , ˨         , nazca lines, , , , azimuth, , , ,   , ˨

Continuation of directions to Stonehenge indicates to paired points in acute part of a giant arrow in the northern part is Palpa plateau the distance to which is 14 773 m. See. The image below.

        , nazca lines, , , , azimuth, , , ,   , ˨

In order to prove that in this combination is exactly Stonehenge in this figure a broad line emanating from the tip of the arrow has azimuth, exactly corresponding to the direction to Teotihuacan - Stonehenge.

Besides, near this point passes the real line, azimuth of which corresponds to the direction of Stonehenge - St. Petersburg.

We came to the point of "Stonehenge" from the point of "Nan Madol." Also to the direction to Stonehenge correspond two more conventional lines emanating from the major centers to Nazca plateau. These points for this combination represent Great Zimbabwe and GP, which lie on the same meridian. All three points set "riangles of Giza" and are base for them.

Also from the point of "Stonehenge" there is the direction to Lalibela, to which corresponds a point in the south-east. From this point comes out a real line, azimuth of which corresponds to azimuth of line Uluru - Stonehenge.

Now return to original point of Nan Madol and look at the development of combination as a whole. As you can see in the image below, the direction to the island of Faith, from initial combination of azimuths, also has a designated point in a large trapezoid, from which there are directions to other points corresponding to azimuths of Angkor and Kailash.

Continuation of line 12 (HM - Sigiriya) from initial combination indicates to clearly designated center in cluster of lines in the east of Nazca plateau. From this point the direction to the beginning of line 18 is the direction to Lalibela. We also see two directions, which correspond to the direction to Sigiriya from Angkor and from Sigiriya to Angkor.

Such situation when there are directions from object, and to object is typical for Nazca lines. If you return to the table at the beginning of this article, you will notice that it has several pairs of objects for which there are lines corresponding to direct and backward directions to these objects. In this sector, for example, these lines 01, 02 and 11, which correspond to the directions of Uluru - Stonehenge Stonehenge - Uluru. The same situation, as we saw repeats with Sigiriya and Nan Madol - lines 07 and 12.


Rest lines show the direction, which confirm that obtained points in this combination correspond to specific historical objects.

In details this combination may be considered on an interactive map in the end of the page.

Let us consider another kind of laws, which is also common in the lines of Nazca. In the image below, line 20 has azimuth of 60 ° / 240 °, and corresponds to hexagram, oriented to the cardinal. And lines 13, 21, 22 are connected with Teotihuacan, and correspond to the directions from Samaipata, Baalbek, Solomon's Temple and St. Petersburg to Teotihuacan.

        , nazca lines, , , , azimuth, , , ,   , ˨

On Nazca plateau there are quite a lot of lines which go not quite straight and break down in certain places, as a rule, in marked heaps of stones points. These points are clearly visible and it is obvious that line changes direction a bit in specific point, and then again goes straight to the next point.

The same is true in this case. Close azimuths lined up, and give the direction to Teotihuacan with accuracy up to hundredth, and line 20 provides a binding to the cardinal.

Nan Madol (NM), probably has a clear attitude to this sector. One combination with NM we considered above, but in this part of the plateau to HM direction correspond 3 more lines - 06, the direction from Ushtogaysky square, Easter Island - line 09 and Baalbek - line 14, which is connected in one point with line 12.

Besides, line 09 corresponds to the direction from Baalbek to Mohenjo-daro, and intersects with line 14, which corresponds to line of Baalbek - Nan Madol. The angle between these lines is equal to 30 ° with an accuracy of 0.13 and therefore corresponds to angle of hexagram.

Azimuth of line Baalbek - MD is 95.01 °, i.e. exactly on 5 ° differs from the direction to the East. Therefore, if you turn hexagram on 5 ° clockwise, it will coincide with this line and the direction to NM.

        , nazca lines, , , , azimuth, , , ,   , ˨

In this combination participates also azimuth from Baalbek to Por-Bajin, which on 15 ° (error of + 0.07 °) differs from azimuth of Nan Madol, i.e. divides angle of hexagram in half. Therefore, angle between azimuths of MD and Por -Bajin is close to 45 °, i.e. corresponds to octagon. It is noteworthy that, in this sector there are lines pertaining to Por- Bajin these are lines 04, 08 and 11. They interact with lines from this combination, and have intersections and common centers.

Now, if you continue line 09, i.e. direction to MD, you will find that it points to apparent point in a giant rectangle of 3 sector. But, the most interesting is that in this sector, a little below of conducted conventional line, there is a real line - 13, which is parallel to conventional with accuracy to hundredth. And the second point in this trapezoid, is the direction from MD to Baalbek.

        , nazca lines, , , , azimuth, , , ,   , ˨

This combination you can also develop further. The image below shows some points, azimuths between which correspond to real directions between historical objects.

        , nazca lines, , , , azimuth, , , ,   , ˨

On interactive map at the end of the page, you can see this combination in detail.

        , nazca lines, , , , azimuth, , , ,   , ˨ As seen from the table in the beginning of article line 04 has a clear attitude to Baalbek because it corresponds to three directions to it from 3 different points - Tiwanaku, Nazca and Samaipata. But, the exact direction from Tiwanaku coincides completely.

Azimuth of line Tiwanaku - Baalbek, which is the northern side of large arrow is 59.31 °, i.e. almost 60 °. Next to this line, inside of arrow there is line (20), which has a precise azimuth of 60 ° and corresponds to hexagram. Thus, we see the error and obtain binding to the cardinal.

Around real point of Tiwanaku, relatively to the direction to Baalbek, a multiply to 5 degrees, with minor errors, settled five more azimuths, which correspond to the directions to following objects - Teotihuacan, Stonehenge, Por- Bajin, Samaipata and Nazca. See. Article "TIWANAKU.NONAGON".

Combining this combination of azimuths with supposed point of Tiwanaku, i.e. with the beginning of line 04, for this case, we will get some very interesting results.

It turns out that line of Tiwanaku - Teotihuacan indicates to the point in the angle even more arrow coming out of the center of one sector. Continuation of line of Tiwanaku - Stonehenge in the opposite direction, i.e. to antipode of Stonehenge will indicate to one more point in the angle of other arrow of 1 sector.

Continuation of line to antipode of Nazca, passing through the intersection of many lines, points us to intersection point of another line with a huge trapezoid of third sector. See. The image below.

        , nazca lines, , , , azimuth, , , ,   , ˨         , nazca lines, , , , azimuth, , , ,   , ˨

As in previous cases, based on the starting line of Tiwanaku - Baalbek, you can develop further this combination, getting new points. The image below shows some of them.

        , nazca lines, , , , azimuth, , , ,   , ˨

Let us finish with the 2nd Sector and pass on to the third.


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   ˨ . 5. 3.

   ˨ . 6. 4, 5.

   ˨ . 7. 6,7,8.