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Mawkallaqta, also Mawka Llaqta, "ancient place", hispanicized spellings Maukallacta, Maukallaqta, Maukallaqta) is an archaeological site in Peru. It is located in the Cusco Region, Espinar Province, on the border of the districts Coporaque and Suykutambo. Mawkallaqta is situated on the banks of the Hankamayu and the Apurímac River at a height of 3915 m.


Translated from the Quechua language, Maucallacta means "old" or "ancient" city, "a city in which lived ancient people." Complex Maucallacta located on the banks of the river Apurimac, the name of which, in turn, can be translated as "conversation" or "dialogue" with the gods. In short, the place of God, unusual and clearly related to global civilization, referred to on our website.


Maucallacta fairly well-known and well-studied by archaeologists, unlike other places with the same name, which in Peru only has about five. Maucallacta distinguished from other objects a large number of circular structures of different diameter, of which there are dozens. But there are rectangular structures, also of different size, of which about twenty.

In addition, on site there are several so-called chulip, built on the technology of polygonal masonry. Culpa, is a small tower, usually without Windows and doors, with a semicircular, slightly protruding roof. Inside, almost all sculpy filled with boulders mixed with soil. For what they were intended is not known, and this question still remains open.

If we consider Maucallacta from the point of view of navigation, the purpose becomes more clear. The fact that the location and orientation of the buildings Maucallacta allows to determine the direction on the well-known and monumental buildings of antiquity. For more details see in Russian the link "Information".





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