Australia: Megalits / Victoria's Stonehenge

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   Standing Stones in Victoria, Australia. It looks like a simple ring of carefully laid out stones, but an egg-shaped Aboriginal stone arrangement outside Geelong is being talked about by some as Victoria's own Stonehenge [Groaaan! MegP Ed]. While there are few records to explain its use, and little information about its age, it was thought to be an indigenous initiation site. But in recent years clues have emerged to suggest it could be an example of some of Australia's earliest astronomy. After repeated observations, Victorian cultural historian John Morieson found that, viewed from three prominent stones, some smaller outlying stones seemed to indicate the position of the setting sun during equinoxes and solstices. These observations were confirmed by CSIRO astrophysicist and Aboriginal astronomy researcher Ray Norris, who found the overall design of the circle also appeared to point towards the solstices.


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