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Uganda's Rwenzori Mountains are situated on the Zaire border with the dense rainforest to the west and high plains to the east. The mysterious ”Mountains of the Moon” is a true mountain wilderness with demanding trekking in spectacular surroundings. There are several peaks around 5000 m with Margherita Peak (5109 m) as the highest point and Africas third highest peak. The mountain range is not of volcanic origin but is a result of uplift due to the formation of the western branch of the great rift valley. The main trekking route is called the Bujuku – Mubuku Circuit and can be combined with an ascent of Margherita Peak for those equipped for glacier climbing. Highest point reached my most trekkers is Elena Hut (4540 m). Be prepared for strenuous trekking through thick forests and knee deep mud. The circuit takes 7 days and you should add more time if you want to explore the upper slopes. There are basic huts along the circuit but you have to bring cooking gear, food and sleeping bags.


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