Europe: Terra incognita ʻ / Eiserne Mann

PHOTO: Cjwalters 5042'26.65" 657'39.91"

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Der Eiserne Mann (The Iron Man) is an old iron pillar partially buried in the ground in the German national forest of Naturpark Kottenforst-Ville. It is a roughly square metal bar with about 1.47 m above ground and approximately 2.7 m below ground. The pillar is currently located at a meeting of trails which were built in the early 18th century through the formerly pathless forest area, but it is believed to have stood in another nearby location before that time. The pillar is a unique oddity in Central Europe, and is alleged to be an OOPArt. It was first mentioned in a 17th century document, where it was used as a village boundary marker, but some evidence exists that it is at least several centuries older.[citation needed] There are some old aqueducts in the vicinity along with an ancient stone walkway.