Europe: Megalits / Torralba

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PHOTO: Mizaralcor 3954'45.02" 4 9'48.04"

«», , . «» – , «», – , . . 1300 .. 123 .. ( , ). – , , , .



Typical exemplar of taula in very good conservation state. The stone-support, nailed in the rock by means of a furrow opened in this, is lightly narrower in the inferior part that in the superior one and presents a marked vertical nerve in the rear face. The stone-capital, in form of overturned pyramid frustum, is inserted in the stone-support by means of the usual rectangular rabbet. On the left of the monument, we see a pillar of small dimensions with a small altar leaned against it in its front face. Aside, the excavators found a figure of a bull, in brass, and two Punic terracottas that represented the goddess Tanit. The building that surrounds the "taula" presents a plan with the characteristic horseshoe form, and the door, with a step, opens in the rectilinear side. The walls show several niches and also monolithic pillars more or less embedded that define a kind of polylobulate structure. There are remains of blazes in front of the taula itself and to the east and the northeast.


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