Europe: Megalits / TALATI DE DALT

PHOTO: tiberiusmariusseveru 3953'34.00" 412'54.70"

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Very preserved exemplar that presents the particularity that the pillar that we find often near them has fallen and it leaned on the stone-capital. The stone-support is more narrow in the inferior part that in the superior one and doesn't present any nerve in its rear face. The stone-capital is a block in form of overturned pyramid frustum fit in the stone-support by means of a rabbet. The fallen pillar, of rectangular section, that leans on the stone-capital is connected to the taula by the base by means of a rectangular block. The precinct has a horseshoe plan with a concave facade. In the centre of this the door opens, with a step. The walls show several pilasters leaned against them. In the northeast angle, under the construction, there is a columned room with a polylithic cover sustained by a column and a pillar.


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