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More than 5,000 years ago a peasant tribe erected impressive tombs, which have remained untouched for thousands of years from the ravages of time. These tombs can still be viewed up till today. A hunebed brings you face to face with prehistory. It makes you wonder how these early farmers lived, how they experienced joy and grief and how they managed to pile up those massive stones that weigh tons. At the Hunebed Centre you will experience an encounter with this peasant tribe, an encounter that will be sensational. The Borger Hunebed Centre, situated on a sand ridge (Hondsrug) in the province of Drenthe, brings you back in prehistoric times, when the first peasants settled in Drenthe. It was they who built these impressive stone monuments, whose remnants can still be admired in the Drenthe countryside. 54 still exist, the biggest of which is situated right next to the Centre.