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Tomb of Theodoric, Ravenna is a primeval monument in the city, which is a famous tourist’s attraction in the city. it was built by one of the great rulers of Italy, Theodoric the great. Located outside the city of Ravenna, this tomb is a one of the Italy prides as it falls in the list of UNESCO world’s heritage site. The beautiful structure of the tomb is separated in decagonal orders into two parts. They parts are placed one above the other. made of the finest quality of Istria stone. The roof of the mausoleum is a huge 300 ton Istrian stone of single piece. The diameter is 10 meter. The Tomb of Theodoric has a room down stairs. Historians point out there was a chapel in this place used for funeral liturgies. Another stairways leads to the floor above the tomb. Visitors can see a tub in round shape in the middle of the floor. It was said that in this areas the king was buried. The remains of Theodoric were removed during the Roman Period. The Romans converted this period into a Christian oratory. This ancient period Tomb of Theodoric, Ravenna was submerged under water by a close by stream of water. It was later excavated and restored.


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