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Site called Akyrtas about 35 km east of Taraz between the main road to Almaty and the mountains. I first learned about early after arriving in Kazakhstan from reading an article in the always excellent Air Astana Tengri in-flight magazine. The site consists of a large floor plan made up of foundations for a building that was never completed beyond its foundations. It’s a large rectangular bas of about 170m by 140m with a large courtyard in the middle. It’s surrounded by mystery because there are only hypotheses about the purpose of the building. Was it supposed to by a palace, or a Nestorian church and monastery or a caravanserai on the silk road. It’s clear that the building project was abandoned suddenly and early in the construction. Archeologist have not been able to find any evidence of human inhabitation in or around the site. Excavations at one of the round corners show that the foundations of large cut red sandstone bricks are several meter deep suggesting the intent was to support a large and high building. From what I’ve seen in the region my personal guess is that the hard stone foundation was intended to support a mud brick structure as is common in the region. The solid base may have been intended to protect from the water that could have been in an intended moot around the structure to protect it? That’s the fun part of this site. So little is known about it that everyone can come up with his own theory to try to solve the mystery.



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