Pacific ocean: Terra incognita "au tau" / Lemo tau tau

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After Bali and Java, the third most popular destination in Indonesia is Sulawesi. This island is just one hour flight from Bali. From Ujung Pandang the land route takes about 7 hours to get into Toraja Land. Sulawesi has an area of 174.600, the island has a distinctive shape, dominated by four large peninsulas, the central part of the island is ruggedly mountainous. In this rugged area are the lands of Toraja: Tana Toraja. Rantepao and Makale are the bases for excursions in Torajaland. The Toraja has preserved part of theirs culture until this days, the traditional houses or Tongkonan are of exceptional beauty, they are raised on piles and topped with massive roof. Sadan Torajans of wealth or high standing are buried in graves chiseled into cliffs and boulders. Family members, local government officials, and hundreds of guests from nearby communities stream into the home village of the deceased, and watch the ceremony from temporary bamboo buildings. Traditional funerals last for days. Up to a hundred buffalo might be slaughtered to feed the crowd, and their heads and organs auctioned for charity.


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