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PHOTO: nyanatusita bhikkhu 820'28.15" 8023'42.90"

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According to an inscription, Dakkhina Stupa was constructed by Uttiya, a Minister of King Valagamba, in the Ancient Sacred city of Anuradhapura. Sri Lanka. For sometime by an error it was considered as Elara's tomb. King Kanittha Tissa had build an alms hall, King Gottabhaya built an uposathagaraya, where the bhikkhis assembled for the ceremony of confession, while King Agbo I constructed a large building. The Bhikkhus of the Sagalika sect resided here. The most popularly known fact is that this stupa was constructed on the tomb of King Dutugemunu. Human bones that were collected were sent to France and according to the scientific analysis it was revealed that these ashes belong to King Dutugemunu.


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