Atlantic ocean: Megalits / Bimini Road

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In May 2005, a series of unexpected discoveries was made at Bimini by Donato and the Littles. These included the discovery of numerous stone anchors at the main Bimini formation (commonly referred to as the “Bimini Road” or “Bimini Wall”). Several cut artifacts, including two-dozen pieces of gray marble, were recovered from under large blocks at the Bimini site. In addition, numerous uniform, rectangular slabs of stone with sharp, angular edges and smooth sides were photographed under massive blocks. In several cases, stacks of these slabs were photographed under huge blocks—essentially serving as leveling stones. Numerous multiple tiers of stone were also photographed. A nearby site, called “Proctor’s Road,” yielded at least 8 stone anchors found on the bottom, mortise cuts on stones, and at least five stone circles placed at regular intervals.


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