PHOTO: Megas Aleksandros 3615'32.33" 2959'7.15"

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Rock-Cut Tombs are the most numerous of all types of tombs and some are perhaps the most visually striking of all Lycian tombs - elaborate funeral chambers carved directly into the rock face, usually into a cliff. The oldest of these are at Pinara, hundreds of simple pigeon-hole caves honeycombing the cliff face. More often, the tombs are carved like the facade of timber Lycian houses with protruding beams, usually with one or two stories, sometimes three. The most elaborate house-type tombs are those carved in the form of Ionic temples, the largest and most famous at Telmessos (Fethiye) - the ‘Tomb of Amyntas’. These temple-type tombs have two columns, an epistyle and a pediment and usually have elaborate reliefs, such as the ‘King’s Tomb’ at Pinara and the ‘Painted Tomb’ at Myra. Rock-cut house-type tombs often held more than one body - many tombs have several benches inside upon which the dead were laid, often families.