Europe: Dolmens, Seids --- / La Roche-aux-fées

PHOTO: F.Erler 4756'11.11" 124'18.05"

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The cave located at La MarcheLa-Roche-aux-F?es is a 64ft (19.5m)-long passage grave, which is 20ft (6m) wide and 13ft (4m) high. The purple-hued stones were mined about 3000BC in the forest at Theil-de-Bretagne - 2.5 miles (4km) to the south of Ess?; each one weighs several tonnes and the ensemble is thought to weigh around 500 tonnes. And that's how the structure got its name - since the stones were so heavy, it was thought that fairies brought them to the site. The dolmen is aligned with the sun's first rays at Winter Solstice (21 December).