Asia: Pyramids / Brihadeeswarar Temple

PHOTO: Paul HART 1047'29.11" 79 8'7.91"

(Thanjavur, ) -, 55 200 . , , . , . , . . - .



Thanjavur properly situated in the Cauvery delta is the rice bowel of Tami Nadu. A fertile land that was also fertile for art, architecture and culture. Though it was a famous city from early times, its importance was fully understood only by the later Cholas (AD 846 1276) who built an empire making it their capital. It was Vijayalaya who founded the later Chola Kingdom here and Rajaraja the Great (AD 984 1014) and his son Rajendra I (AD 1012 - 1044) were the real architects of the Chola empire that held sway over India upto the Ganges in the north and held colonies in Myanmar, Malaya and the East Indies.