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Ayaz-Kala complex is interesting in that unlike other fortresses, here there are fortified rural settlements representing a complex of apartment houses, each of which consists of the big court yard with a low brick wall used, probably, for gardens and kitchen gardens.
Three considerably large sized and powerful fortresses stand out amongst other unfortified rural houses of Ayaz-Kala complex. Probably, they were houses of governors or the rich officials who administered the city.
Ayaz-Kala fortress, as well as many other Khoresm fortresses, is located in the middle of the desert. Nothing of these fortresses has survived except their walls, reminding of a rectangle. There are some ruins of a smaller fortress not far away, perhaps it was used as an advance post. For millennia, sands have been hiding the ruins of Ayaz-Kala fortress, but today due to the numerous archeological excavations, everyone can touch the history of Ancient Khorezm.


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