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As you know, new Americans, especially the first, were obsessed with creating "the New Atlantis" the newly discovered continent, and apparently, so have copied many of the buildings created in ancient times. This was especially evident in Washington.



But the tradition continued in the 20th century. Few people know that among other things, in the USA there is a replica of the Athenian Parthenon, and in full size. This facility is located in Nashville, Tennessee.


The Church was built in 1897 for the international exhibition, held in Nashville on the centennial of occurrence of tn in the number of the United States. The building is listed on the national register of historic places. According to Wikipedia, the idea of building for the exhibition of 1897 multiple copies of the antique buildings of the organizers gave the nickname of Nashville is "the Athens of the South".


The Parthenon, which became a Central element of the exhibition, was the only exact copy and the only building that was saved in the future. Nashville first Parthenon was built of wood and brick. In 1920 began the rebuilding of the temple made of concrete, which was completed in 1931 In 1990 nashvillecream sculptor Alan Lecuona was restored statue of Athena, ancient the original of which has not survived and is known only by copies and descriptions.






View From The Southeast Of The Parthenon, Nashville, Tennessee, USA



Nike in Nashville