PHOTO - OBJECTS  Петроглифы, / petroglyphs, stone art 16012012. ПЕТРОГЛИФЫ ДАМПИР / Dampier rock art

ПЕТРОГЛИФЫ ДАМПИР / Dampier rock art

The Dampier Rock Art Precinct is comprised of 42 islands, islets and rocks in a 45km radius that make up Dampier Archipelago. These are located in a remote area of the north-west of Australia, off the coast from the town of Karratha, Western Australia. The Islands that make up the Dampier Rock Art Precinct are formed from a recently drowned landmass, the shorelines of which stabilised about 6000 years ago. The Burrup Peninsula, approximately 27km long and 5km wide, was originally an island that formed part of this grouping until joined to the mainland in the mid 1960s by a rail and road causeway.

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