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ПЕЩЕРА СИВИЛЛЫ / Sibilla cave

В 1932 году в Кумах, местечке близ Неаполя была обнаружена пещера, принадлежащая, как считается Сивилле Кумской. Кумы, пожалуй, первая греческая колония на итальянском побережье, основанная в восьмом веке до нашей эры. Здесь расположены остатки храма вдохновителя сивиллы Аполлона и храм Юпитера 5 века д.н.э. Searches for the famous cave described by Virgil were undertaken in the Middle Ages, and there are other nearby niches that have also been named "the Sibylline grotto," including one closer to Lake Averno. The "official" Cave of the Sibyl was uncovered more recently, in 1932, by archaeologist Amedeo Maiuri, who was in charge of excavations at Pompeii and Herculaneum for many years. He was also responsible for the excavation the Villa Jovis on Capri.


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