"Парк драконов" в Чистоводном

Chistovodnoe «PARK of DRAGONS»

In Lazovsky area, there is a skalno-sculptural complex of settlement Chistovodnoe which local residents name «Park of dragons». On the area in 35 square kilometers from tops of taiga mountains huge boulders stick out. If to look from it is far, they merge in uniform stone locks. Coming nearer to a rocky complex it is possible to see sculptural images in the form of dragons, turtles, crocodiles. The sizes of sculptures from 8 also reach 1000 meters from a head to a tail. Surprising rocks on beauty are spotted by secret signs and unsolved messages. It is considered that the stone complex was formed as a result of long-term aeration, but there are versions that the given complex was formed as a result of creation of an ancient civilization. From Vladivostok to settlement Chistovodnoe to go about six hours by the car or the bus.



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