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Besides orientation to Stonehendge, Anundshog is the biggest sepulchral hill in Sweden, has orientation also to Nan Madol. Near the hill five stone "boats" made of large stones and one more hill in the size less are located. If to draw a line through the centres of two hills it will be orientation to Nan Madol the distance to which is 11900 km, or 107 degrees . The azimuth thus, is equal to 40 degrees.


Newgrange is one of the most ancient constructions of the Europe, also has orientation to Nan Madol which is set with two small barrows near Newgrange Nout and passes practically through the centre of the circle representing a ditch, created by ancient builders. The distance to Nan Madola is 13145 km, or 118,1 degree that is approximately equal to 1/3 from all orthodromy length.



Hattusa is the ancient capital of the Hettsky kingdom, which ruins have been found in 1834, represents itself set great number of various temples and structures concentrated in one place. Some of these constructions from which remained only bases have orientation to Nan Madol, distance to which is 12268 km, or 110,2 degrees. It is 11/18 from half of a circle length.


The historical city of Sukhothai located in northern part of Thailand, in XIII-XIV centuries was a capital of medieval city of kingdom Sukhothai. The monument consists of great number temples one of which has exact orientation to Nan Madol the distance to which is 6463 km, or 58,1 degrees of arch.


On the banks of the Euphrates - one of the most important rivers in human history, there are ruins of Halabiye fortress, founded in 272 AD, Queen Zenobia of  Palmyra. The fortress has orientation at two objects, НNan Madol and Angkor. The distance to Nan Madol is 12 065 km, or three fifths of the half circumference. 12 065 km is 108.4 degrees, or 3 out of 10 parts of the pentagram. Thus, if we cut the plane of the Earth Great Circle, objects will place on the circle, as shown on the right. In addition, the line Halabiye - Nan Madol is 12 kilometers from the Mogaj Caves , near Chinese Stonehenge, 30 km from the oasis of Siwa, in 2 kilometers from Byblos,  as well as through the intersection of the meridian of Uluru with latitude of Easter Island. Line Halabiye - Angkor is a 2 km from Ebla, one kilometer from  Ashur, a 5-km from the  Taj Mahal, crossing at this point about the breadth of anti. Easter and next to the  Tropical Stonehenge. Also, this line is 15 km from the intersection of latitude of the  Great Pyramid  with the meridian of Easter Island and the Halabiya is exactly on the meridian of  Mecca.


Geoglyph «Marree Man» is the largest of the famous geoglyphs in the world. Figure depicting of the hunting Australian native, is located on a plateau Finnis Springs, in 60 kilometers to west from the city of Marree in central Australia. The author of the  Image, "plowed" in the soil of the desert  of 4 km. native as well as the method of its application is unknown. The most interesting in this geoglyphs is that by his "stick," he points to Nan Madol, the distance to which is 4602 km, or 41.4 degrees of arc of the circle. If to draw a line through the sacred mountain of Uluru and Easter Island, it will pass exaclty through the foot of hunter.


The fortress Koi-Krylgan-Kala was built in IV-III centuries BC in the tradition of ancient Khorezm. It is a fortified building, having regard to the shape of a circle with a diameter of about 100 m in the center rises a circular array of towering buildings, crowned by a wall with a narrow, arrow-slits. The length of the circumference of the fortress walls up 865 m ground floor consists of a nine-room building, which is covered by two domes. There is speculation that the rooms were built for astronomical observations. The shape of Koi-kala-Krylgan is like the sun, it may indicate that the ancient Khorezm were sun-worshiper. There is also conjecture that in the middle of the fortress was an observatory for the study of celestial bodies. The central building of the fortress Koy-Krylgan Kala tailored to Nan Madol, the distance to which 10 103 km, or 90.8 degrees. Thus, the fortress lies exactly halfway between Nan Madol and its antipode.


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