CINEMA  Ancient history  21.05.2012. The Surprising History of Egypt with Terry Jones

The Surprising History of Egypt with Terry Jones

Documentary that brings to light the little-known secrets and habits, manners and more of the common folk in the long-dead civilization of ancient Egypt. The program reveals that Egyptian women were on equal footing with men in all aspects of society, including wages and property ownership. Paper originated in Egypt, allowing for the development of the sciences, art and literature. These discoveries establish how attached to life the ancient Egyptians were and discards the supposition that because of their elaborate tombs, they were more focused on death and the afterlife. Terry Jones brings the everyday details of the ancients Egyptians - bizarre, hilarious or shocking - to life in this wonderfully entertaining and factually revealing film. Uncovering hidden gems such as the peculiar hobby of building and decorating one's own tomb as an enjoyable pastime and disclosing unknown facts on the integral part played by the River Nile in ancient life, Terry goes far beyond the conventional and brings to life the world of the ancient Egyptians through the more obscure eccentricities of their behaviour.