CINEMA  Another mind  25.05.2012. UFO near St.Isaak's Cathedral

UFO near St.Isaak's Cathedral

From the author: By pure chance, managed to videotape an object resembling a UFO flying near St. Isaac's Cathedral. Notably, it has emerged at a time when fans were celebrating the victory of Zenit rapidly their favorite team. What speaks in favor of the fact that this is a UFO: The balls do not fly (the wind). Wind near the ground is from the north (from the Neva). This can be seen on the flags and smoke. Wind at height (from 200 m to 2 km) is also the North. This can be seen in the clouds. Estimated, the size of the object much more gull (a bird flew a little closer, you can compare with it) strange elongated shape of the object. At the same time, it is not similar to a helicopter or a plane. This is a no-fly zone.