CINEMA  Unknown  21.05.2012. UFO/ 2012. Amazing.UFO Sightings

UFO/ 2012. Amazing.UFO Sightings

Everyone,humankind of earth,do not fear, ET.intelligences visited earth,and their flying demonstraited in all around the world,and these objects so called 'chemtrails'by people, but these objects came from another planets in the univers, these objects are ET.intelligences beamships, These objects are same as the 'star'of Bethlehem, The Universe High Council Level dispatched Jesus at earth in order to teach natural laws and recommendations of Creation,but the whole teaching of Jesus distorted by reilgions,consequently,human being of earth lost the right path. Gods of religions is not Creation which "star traveler' in ancient time, Creation is the vast raising and the immesurable secret from which all being originated. These objects came through the past time, These object are same as the 'star'of Bethlehem. The photographer is a messenger of the ET.intelligences Universe High Council Level. The Universe High Council Level is same as Creational level which control the universes and guide human being toward laws of creation, Everyone,Humankin of earth, do not fear, you are really an eternal being and endless being, your life to be continue all eternity. From now on, one by one, the truth is revealed. 2011.2.1.