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For the first time the hypothesis that the ancient megalithic structures may be located on our planet on a particular system, launched in 70 years, Russian scientists N.F.Goncharov, V.A. Makarov and V.S.Morozov. According to their theory , the kernel of the Earth is a growing crystal of iron, which brings in all the shells of the planet right symmetry of the two Platonic polyhedra - the icosahedron and dodecahedron, and the hierarchy of subsystems, the main division. On the tops of the crystal, just as the majority of seats and is situated the ancient civilizations, pyramids and other famous buildings. Although in this symmetric system really is coincidence with the location of historical sites, all of them is quite approximate.

Then a famous Bashkir physician and researcher of ancient civilizations Ernst Muldashev offered his system of pyramids, in which he linked the location of Giza, Easter Island, Mount Kailash and a few other famous places. Unfortunately, the system was crude and could not stand the geographical test. But the great merit of Ernst Rifgatovich in another. Through his books not new, but rather fantastic idea, the presence of the location of ancient monuments, became very popular. Hundreds of researchers have begun their own investigations in this direction, and I must say have made ​​very significant progress. The most interesting articles on this topic are available on our website under "Historical Geodesy" .

Thus, in the article " Jim Allison's Lines" have been described Great Circles joining some famous historical sites. One of them, the line of the Great Pyramid (GP) - Easter Island is a well-known figures in the desert of Nazca and many other sacred places. Moreover, the Nazca lies in the golden section of the line between the GP and its antipode. In addition, this line, which can be safely regarded as one of the principal, has a number of remarkable properties and laws, which will be discussed a little bit lower.

If to research more in this direction, and connect the most significant buildings of antiquity to each other by lines, as well as to their latitude and meridians, you will get a global network of lines covering the entire planet. In the process, the network revealed distinct patterns for the first time allow us to say that there are certain system in the arrangement of the pyramids, temples and other megalithic structures.

As reference points for the lines on the principle of monumentality, was chosen the most famous and important historical sites: Great Pyramid (GP), Stonehenge, Theotiuacan, Tiwanaku, Easter Island, Nan Madol, Baalbek, Angkor, Lalibela, religion centers – Jerusalem (Temple of Solomon), Mecca, Vatican, Great Zimbabwe in Africa, saint rock Uluru in Australia, Por Bajyn и Vera Island Megaliths in Russia. 


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In this publication, dedicated to the great circles shown some regularities in the distribution of historical objects, which is actually much more. Their careful study, organize, and search for principles of the system - the near future. But so far, the theory of paleocontacts and existence in the ancient planetary advanced civilization first real evidence to get the most incredible part.

It seems that the famous pre-historic buildings are part of the ancient geodetic or navigation system, in which the pyramids and temples, along with other functions, serve as landmarks and reference points clearly visible even from space.

On the interactive map at the end of the article can be seen most of these laws. The most correct map is displayed in the browser Mazila Firefox. To view an interactive map, you must install the Google Earth

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