УЛУРУ. ОКТАГОН. СИСТЕМА ПИРАМИД АЗИМУТ меридиан широта ориентация © GeoLines.ruULURU. OKTAGON.

A lot of patterns in the location of Uluru and Great Zimbabwe (GZ), tell about explicit connectivity and pairing of these objects.

This is confirmed with another fact connected with azimuth of GZ in the point Uluru.

If orient octagon to cardinal points then the direction to GZ will be one of its axes, which divides half of circle between north and south in a ratio of 67.5 / 112.5 *. The error is 0.05 degree.

УЛУРУ. ОКТАГОН. СИСТЕМА ПИРАМИД АЗИМУТ меридиан широта ориентация © GeoLines.ruTurn octagon on 2 * clockwise. In this position we get with the error of 0.06 azimuth of Great Pyramid (GP), from which 45 *is away azimuth of Por Bajin. This angle bisects the direction to Kailash.

The angles between azimuths are:
Between GP and Por Bajin - 44.74 *,the error is 0.26 *
Between Kailas and Por Bajin - 22.07 *, the error is -0.43 *
Between GP and Kailas - 22.67 * ,the error is + 0.17 *.

УЛУРУ. ОКТАГОН. СИСТЕМА ПИРАМИД АЗИМУТ меридиан широта ориентация © GeoLines.ruTurn octagon for another 5.5 * clockwise, i.e. in total on 7.5 *. In this position, we find that Angkor and Lhasa with Uluru lie on one line, and the direction to Baalbek is away from it on the angle close to 22.5 *.

The exact angle in case of Lhasa is 22.79 *, the error is + 0.29 *. In case of Angkor angle is - 22.64 *,the error is+0.14 *

Direction to Baalbek, as we remember, with the error of 0.07 is 300 *, i.e. on 60 * deviates from the north-south axis. Therefore, to define it with the help of hexagram is not difficult. Having put from azimuth of Baalbek half of 45 * we can determine the direction to Angkor and Lhasa only with ruler and compass, without using any measuring systems.

УЛУРУ. ОКТАГОН. СИСТЕМА ПИРАМИД АЗИМУТ меридиан широта ориентация © GeoLines.ruNow turn octagon on 3.8 * counter-clockwise. In this position we obtain an unique combination of three azimuths of Teotihuacan and Tiwanaku (together again), which are removed from Uluru on the same distance and also Mecca.

Mecca in its turn, together with megalithic of Vera island is also equidistant from Uluru and not simply is remoted but exactly on 100 * along the arc of globe or on 11108 km.

But the uniqueness of the combination is not the point. As it is well known octagon divides the circle by 45 * in half - 22.5 *.
In the previous combination, we turned octagon on 7.5 * clockwise, and in this one on 3.8 * counter-clockwise. 7.5 + 3.8 = 11.3 *, i.e. with accuracy of 0.05 half of 22.5 *. Therefore, having put this combination on the previous one, we will divide circumference by 11.25 * and will get combination in which 6 azimuths located multiply to 11.25 *.

But that's not all. In the article "LOCATION OF ANCIENT STRUCTURES IN THE GOLDEN SECTION.", we told about the fact that the line of Uluru - Baalbek is perpendicular to the line of Teotihuacan - Tiwanaku and because these two objects are equidistant from Uluru, divides the distance between them in half. Therefore, in this combination azimuth of Baalbek divides angle between azimuths of Teotihuacan and Tiwanaku also in half. * 67.5 / 2 = 33.75 * 22.05 + 11.25 = 33.75 *.

To see that is possible on interactive map at the end of this page having included both combination simultaneously.

УЛУРУ. ОКТАГОН. СИСТЕМА ПИРАМИД АЗИМУТ меридиан широта ориентация © GeoLines.ruWell and at last, having turned октагон on 12.8 * counterclockwise, we will find out that Lalibela's azimuths and lines in the desert of Nazca divide a half of a circle in the ratio 45/135*.

The exact angle between the directions is 135.45 *, the error is + 0.45 *.


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