геометрические геоглифы на плато НаскаIn conclusion, a few more assumptions about the purpose of some elements on the Nazca and Palpa plateau. They relate to regular geometric geoglyphs, so-called "mandalas" and recognizable drawings.

Since information from Nazca geoglyphs can only be taken remotely, namely from a height, then there must be appropriate devices that must be configured in a certain way. For example, for optical devices, there are special alignment targets for setting autofocus. Regular geometric geoglyphs are almost exactly similar to these targets, and it is reasonable to assume that their functions are also similar.

       юстировочная мишень
Moreover, many people know that there are many ancient cities and individual objects completely built up with the same squares. Igor Alekseev tells about one of these objects in his report. It is an ancient "city" Pikillacta in Peru, located near Cusco (Sacsayhuaman). This city, measuring more than 750 x 650 meters, is a continuous building of various rectangles and identical squares. Pikilyakta causes fair bewilderment among all researchers, because it does not have any reasonable explanation from a practical point of view.

If we assume that this object is an alignment target, then everything falls into place. And the first checks confirm this.
ЛИНИИ НАСКИ – юстировочная мишень Пикильякта - юстировочная мишень
The alignment target Piquillacta Complex
First, the complex is very precisely oriented by the azimuth of 40° / 130°. 40° is the angle of the 9-gon (nonagon). Therefore, if you attach a nonagon to the walls of the city, which can be drawn using a compass and ruler, you can find out the exact location of the cardinal directions, i.e., Orient the target.


Ориентация Пикильякты 40

Further, the angle between the orientation of Piquillacta and the direction to the nearest key object – Sacsayhuaman (azimuth 292.00°), is exactly 18°. (130°+180°-292°=18°) This is the angle of the pentagram. Thus, if you attach a pentagram to the orientation of Piquillacta, you can get the exact direction to Sacsayhuaman. That is, binding the target to the nearest key object.
Пикильякта направление на Саксайуаман
The place for the construction of Piquillacta was also chosen not by chance. At this point, the direction to Stonehenge has an azimuth of 36.07°, i.e. with an error of 7 hundredths of a degree (per 10,000 km), also corresponds to the angle of the pentagram oriented to the cardinal directions. Thus, from the orientation of the Piquillacta, using the 9-gon, you can get the direction to the North, and from it, using the pentagram, the direction to Stonehenge.
The direction to another key SАМS object - Uluru at this point has a value of 209.73°, and with an error of 0.27°, corresponds to the angle of the 210° hexagram, also oriented to the cardinal directions.

Here is a simple explanation of the purpose of this object, you only need to look at the situation from the other side. And this explanation has most of the mysterious structures of antiquity.
It is interesting that Pikilyakta, in addition to all the above, "gives" also the exact direction to the Great pyramid, which will be a diagonal of two columns of five squares.

Here, briefly, is how to read Nazca geoglyphs and how they are related to other ancient structures. It is very easy to detect geoglyphs, because they are located exactly on the VP-OP line, exactly in the Golden section between these objects.

Therefore, the scheme of the first actions is very simple. Arriving on the planet, the user scans the terrain and uses key objects to link it to the digital frame. Next, the map is scanned (Nazca geoglyphs) and the location of all necessary objects on the Earth's surface is linked to the digital frame. That's it, the navigation system is ready.

Now, just like in Google Earth, you can literally click anywhere on the digital model of the globe and your aircraft will also quickly (if possible) take you to this point. Perhaps this is what caused the sudden disappearance of UFOs and instant changes in trajectory?

Such an organization of the navigation system will be justified not only on Earth, but also on other planets. For example, if we had vehicles capable of flying in the atmosphere of Mars, then Autonomous navigation for them would have to be organized in a similar way.

But it is quite possible that others have such aircraft, which is why we are increasingly finding pyramids and other artificial objects in the form of "cities" on Mars, the moon, etc.

In General, the navigation version is the only version to date that most adequately explains many unexplained moments, removes a lot of contradictions, but breaks everything, even the most fantastic stereotypes. This explanation of the purpose of geoglyphs completely changes the idea of our past. Therefore, this version will be unacceptable for most people in any case, and any evidence, including for many supporters of the alternative version of the story.

But it has a huge advantage – the navigation version can be checked mathematically. Moreover, you do not even need to go to the area. Everything has long been digitized and accurately linked to the 3D model-GE. Based on the data already known to date, there is no doubt that those who sooner or later will check and develop the navigation version will get positive results, which will be impossible to challenge.

Ideally, you should enter into the computer the coordinates of all points that indicate the centers, corners of figures, turns of lines and coordinates of real historical buildings on Earth. Processing this data very quickly would reveal all the patterns in the location of objects and allow you to determine the General principle of construction.

Of course, you can also identify patterns manually, but this is a long and painstaking work that can only be performed by a large team, having developed a methodology and distributed tasks. Anyone interested in this topic is invited to our forum, where you can ask questions, get the necessary explanations and materials for preliminary research. Including files for GE. In part, they are at the end of the following articles, in part, in the "Files" section.

ЛИНИИ НАСКИ разгадка тайны геоглифов в пустыне Наска, nazca lines, рисунки, азимут, навигация, azimuth, азимут, направление, карта, навигация, ПОЛЁТНАЯ КАРТА.It remains to say a few words about the famous drawings in the Nazca desert, which make up a tiny part of the total number of geoglyphs, but they are known to almost everyone. All of us have seen on ancient maps images of real and mythical creatures that supposedly live in these places. Most likely, the drawings in the Nazca desert are about the same. This version passes both in quantity and in meaning.  

Indeed, most of the drawings represent the main types of flora and fauna of our planet. Including primitive man. There are marine and terrestrial animals, birds, insects, trees and other vegetation. In General, this is a complete digital passport of the planet Earth.

All of the above - and there is an answer to the question-What are Nazca geoglyphs?

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  ЛИНИИ НАСКИ – ПОЛЁТНАЯ КАРТА. Часть 3-2. Комбинации Мохенджо-Даро.