Geoglyphs in the Nazca desert continue to excite the minds of everyone who, one way or another, is faced with this amazing phenomenon. This is not at all surprising, since the Nazca geoglyphs stand alone in a long line of other unexplained mysteries of the past. Images in the Nazca desert are the most obvious result of the activities of an unknown civilization on our planet, the possibilities of which are difficult to overestimate.

In fact, there are a huge number of objects that could not be created using, not only primitive, but sometimes even modern technologies. The most famous of them is the Great pyramid of Giza, Baalbek, Nan Madol, Tiwanaku, Angkor, Sacsayhuaman and many others. All the mysteries of these structures are associated with incredible technologies, huge volumes of construction, precise processing of hard rocks and the movement of huge masses. For many experts, it is obvious that such objects could not have been created by ancient people, using primitive tools.

However, the official historical paradigm States the opposite, and does not even doubt that the colossal structures are the result of the hard work of tens of thousands of illiterate slaves, committed for the sake of a ghostly goal-the worship of the Gods. And subconsciously, we all understand that a person will never make a huge physical effort for a meaningless, from a practical point of view, goal.

Therefore, for people to feel the need for such construction, the Gods had to be real, and the punishment for disobedience was inevitable. But most likely, people have nothing to do with the construction of most of the grandiose structures of the past. This is very slow, unskilled, time-consuming, and therefore inefficient, but in reality it is impossible.

АнгкорFor example, visible Angkor, which is striking in its scale , is only about 30% of all completed works. Since Angkor is located in swamps, which indicates the need to build this complex in this place, before the construction began, huge preparatory and reclamation works were carried out.

Millions of cubic meters of soil were moved, giant pits and hundreds of kilometers of canals were dug. There were multi-layered pillows made of rock that is not nearby, and all this on an area of several hundred square kilometers. The official version says that everything was done on enthusiasm, with wooden picks. The soil was moved with baskets, and the stone was cut with a copper tool. Comments, as they say, are unnecessary.

In most cases, official science believes that unexplained structures were built as places of worship of the gods and attributes them to a cult purpose, simply shifting the emphasis. In fact, everything is much simpler. Colossal objects were created by the Gods, and people have rightly worshipped them, maintaining them in proper condition.

Anyway, most of the unexplained mysteries are related to construction technologies, which almost everyone has a small idea about. That is why there is a very large field for manipulation. People are shown wooden lifting mechanisms, the principle of which everyone can understand, come up with plausible technological methods, drill holes with copper drills, move multi-ton blocks alone, and then, all this is extrapolated to huge volumes, which in reality can only be handled by highly developed industry. But this, as they say, is the second question.

For many reasons, mainly related to the peculiarities of the human psyche, most people are satisfied with such explanations. But as soon as specialists with calculations, sopromat and other tools are taken to work, these explanations do not stand up to elementary criticism.

But, as you know, for one word, there is always another word. Here are the basic arguments: can't build, then built it differently, "don't think of ancient people stupid", "not aliens, in the end, all this has created", etc. This discussion could go on forever. No one is not going to rewrite history due to the fact that the trilithon of Baalbek could not be handled, raised, transported, and with incredible accuracy laid in its place, although it is obvious to any Builder.

So, with the Nazca geoglyphs, the situation is different. The impossibility of creating geoglyphs by people is so obvious that the absurdity of explanations of this phenomenon, which from time to time appear in the press, is understandable even to non-specialists. Even official historians cannot clearly answer the main questions-who, why, and how created all this, because the contradictions are obvious.
The answers to the first and last question, we are unlikely to know in the near future, but a reasonable answer to the question-Why, you can give now. It, of course, lies outside the usual framework that limits our ideas about the past, but, as A. Sklyarov said, "If the facts contradict the theory, you need to change the theory", and there is no getting away from it.

So, let's get to the facts. Nazca geoglyphs, as Maria Reiche said – are "frozen mathematics". And if there is mathematics, then there must be mathematical methods to solve this problem. And they are.

But before continuing, it is necessary to clearly understand what the geoglyphs on the Nazca plateau and the neighboring Palpa plateau are, of course, a single complex that has a single Creator.

Most people are familiar with several drawings and are aware of the existence of straight lines and some geometric shapes. But few people have any idea about the number of lines, how they are applied, the area occupied, the total amount of work, and many other mysteries of the Nazca desert.

To get a General idea of the range of issues related to the Nazca geoglyphs, you can view the report of Igor Alekseev at the LAH seminar, which raises General issues related to geoglyphs. Criticism of this report is not part of the purpose of this article, and the video is provided for informational purposes only. However, we should note that no assumptions can explain the lack of people for such a gigantic construction, no landmarks will allow you to lay perfect lines manually, and the fact that the geoglyphs are located in the habitat of the Nazca culture does not mean that it is their Creator.

At the beginning of the report, the main question is immediately raised - about the creators of geoglyphs. It is estimated that the maximum number of people living in this area could be about 20 thousand people. It turns out that the Nazca geoglyphs simply had no one to create physically.

At the beginning of the report, the main question is immediately raised - about the creators of geoglyphs. It is estimated that the maximum number of people living in this area could be about 20 thousand people. It turns out that the Nazca geoglyphs simply had no one to create physically.

Therefore, if the work on creating geoglyphs were performed by ground methods, the entire area in the district would be elementary trampled. Such an obvious argument also does not convince anyone.

Meanwhile, there are numerous studies proving that geoglyphs could only be created from above by a continuous "force" beam, and even the height of its source is calculated. Naturally, this explanation is also completely unacceptable for many.

But in fact, we are faced with another inexplicable phenomenon-the perfect straightness of lines. With such a length of lines, you can't explain their straightness. Even if you lay a line on geodetic instruments, there will still be small errors that are indistinguishable by eye. The uniqueness of the lines in the Nazca desert lies in the fact that there are no such errors, for many kilometers. If there are small bends, it is a deliberate change of direction. All straight sections are perfectly straight, regardless of the rough terrain.

This line can only be drawn by a digital plotter, whose head moves strictly along the specified path. And today, this is not a fantasy at all. It is not difficult to imagine a radio-controlled helicopter or quadrocopter laying out a certain symbol on the surface of the earth at specified coordinates or a laser beam marking the surface. Yes, at first the accuracy will be small, but this is only at first. Perhaps such technologies have a future.

But, this is again a discussion on the topic of Who and How, which, as already mentioned above, is futile, because we will not be able to see how all this was built in reality, and all the evidence will only be indirect.

Direct evidence that the geoglyphs in the Nazca desert could not have been created by humans can only answer the question-Why?

The goal of creating geoglyphs must be very significant to justify the huge (by our standards) effort. In addition, it is necessary to explain a huge number of elements of different shapes, drawings, points, and much, much more.

The only version that answers most questions and justifies the colossal construction is navigation. Moreover, the presence of navigation objects is a necessary and mandatory condition for meaningful movement over the surface of any planet.

To fully understand this idea, which is directly related to geoglyphs, we will have to make a small digression, without which it will be very difficult to understand the purpose of lines, points and shapes on the Nazca plateau. It will be as short as possible, and I hope clear, but still without some specifics can not do.

So, in order to move meaningfully in any space, you need a frame of reference. That is, you need a starting point 0, from which the count will be conducted. In a conditional space, such as a digital space, this point can be conditional, and in a physical space, this point must exist physically. Because you can only determine your location in physical space relative to other physical objects. In General, the idea is quite simple – if there is no reference system, then there are no points, in fact, either. I. e. physically, they exist, but without a frame of reference, we don't know where they are, and we can't figure out how to get to them. There is no location of points, it is impossible to determine their location relative to each other, respectively, it is impossible to plot a route.

This is why the Greenwich Observatory physically exists, marking the zero Meridian, and countless other navigational objects that ultimately provide our meaningful movement around the planet. Maps are linked to them, satellites are checked with them, etc., etc.

Thus, if in ancient times, someone flew over the planet, as evidenced by numerous sources, without a reference system, i.e.-navigation, can not do at any level of technology development. This is an axiom. But for some reason, even alternative researchers do not pay any attention to this problem. Meanwhile, the issue is a matter of principle, which is a necessary and mandatory condition for the implementation of meaningful flights.

Whatever it was, but in the past, the reference system was created, and the function of navigation objects in it is performed by the most famous and mysterious structures of antiquity, which, as it turned out, are located on the planet is not chaotic, but on a certain principle. This is the explanation of why the objects are so monumental, often located in hard-to-reach places, and many other previously unexplained moments.

More information about the system of ancient monumental structures (SAMS) can be found on the pages of our website, and in the video, which shows the basic principles of building the system.
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