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The poet of the fourteenth century Petrarch believed this building, with high towers, one of the most beautiful cathedrals in the world. And absolutely correct, as the Cologne Cathedral can be called the king of cathedrals all over Germany. Beautiful, majestic and solemn, the Cologne Cathedral is undoubtedly the main attraction of Cologne - a city situated on the banks of the Rhine in Western Germany, in North Rhine-Westphalia.





Located about 250 metres from the river Rhine, next to the Central railway station and the Museum "Ludwig", the Cologne Cathedral is the pride and patriotism of all the inhabitants of the city. Beautiful facade and interior have been declared a tourist symbol # 1 and the most important tourist attraction in Germany.


The official name of the Cologne Cathedral – the Cathedral of St. Peter and Mary. It is the largest Christian Gothic Cathedral in Western Europe. In 1996 Cologne Cathedral was included in the world heritage list of UNESCO, and then, the most amazing and impressive temple in Cologne, was faced with a difficult and dramatic moments in its history.


On 5 July 2004, due to intensive modern construction in the area, "due to the threat of devaluation visual integrity of the Cathedral", and plans for the construction of high-rise buildings located along the Rhine in front of the temple, the world Committee of UNESCO puts the Cologne Cathedral in the red list of endangered objects.

As a result of intense negotiation and even a special meeting on 13 July 2005, it was decided that the final destruction of the magnificent temple from the world heritage list, to defer for one year. After the deadline, in the end, the world Committee of UNESCO returned the Cologne Cathedral in the world heritage list, with the formal prohibition of construction in the area of the temple, allowing to finish already started projects.



COLOGNE CATHEDRAL. GERMANY.Cologne Cathedral has a height of 157 meters, and is the second highest Church in Germany, above which only the Cathedral in Ulm. Furthermore, Cologne Cathedral is the third largest Church in the world, which is the main Church of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Cologne. Massive and majestic facade of the Cologne Cathedral can be compared only with the facades of the cathedrals in Seville and Milan.

From 1880 to 1884 Cologne Cathedral was the tallest building in the world, which automatically makes it the most popular landmark in Germany. The importance of this Church in Cologne, emphasized Pope Benedict XVI, during his visit to Cologne for world youth day 2005.





The construction of the Cathedral began in 1248 on the site of the old Cathedral, Carolingian consecrated in 873, and continued until 1437. In turn, the old Carolingian Church was built on the foundations of an even earlier Christian Church. The second stage in the construction and reconstruction of the Church began in 1842 and lasted for almost 40 years, until 1880.


Cologne Cathedral is famous for its bells. The ringing of the largest of them - "the Bells of St. Peter" can be heard only on major religious holidays such as Christmas or Easter. Kelinci call it "Fat Peter", because that bell weighs 24 tons and when struck, emits a very dense and intense sound.