Asia: Ancient cities МАРИБ / Marib

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Мариб — один из самых древних городов Азии. Территория древнего Мариба усеяна значительным числом древних поселений, мест поклолений, кладбищ, сельскохозяйственных построек и иррирационных систем. Согласно радиоуглеродному анализу, первое поселение на территории Мариба возникло около 1900 г. до н.э. С 1200 г. берёт своё начало Южноаравийская культура, когда было основано Сабейское царство.



The Sabaean kingdom was located in what is now the Aseer region in southwestern Yemen. The Sabaean kings made their capital at Marib, and built great irrigation works such as the Marib dams, whose ruins are still visible. They also built castles and temples in the area, and were known for producing the valuable francincense and myrrh. They were a seafaring people and known to have influence and a population in the East African kingdom of Dmt, across the Red Sea in Eritrea and perhaps Ethiopia, the only other source of both francincense and myrrh.

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