Europe: Pyramids БОСНИЙСКАЯ ПИРАМИДА / Bosnian pyramids

PHOTO: Szita László Tamás 43°58'36.98"С 18°10'34.45"В

В географическом центре Европы археолог-любитель обнаружил гигантские пирамиды, возведенные древней цивилизацией, существовавшей задолго до появления египетской и месопотамской культур. В окрестностях боснийского городка Високо развернулись масштабные археологические раскопки, которые могут полностью перевернуть наши представления об истории развития человеческой цивилизации.



Bosnian pyramids refers to an area located around Viso?ica hill, in the Bosnia and Herzegovina town of Visoko, northwest of Sarajevo, which became the focus of international attention in October 2005 following a news-media campaign promoting the false idea that it is actually the largest of a group of ancient man-made pyramids. Scientific investigations of the site show that there is no pyramid there. Additionally, scientists have criticised the Bosnian authorities for supporting the pyramid claim saying, "This scheme is a cruel hoax on an unsuspecting public and has no place in the world of genuine science. The 213 metre Viso?ica hill, upon which the Old town of Visoki was once sited, is roughly pyramid-shaped. The idea that it constitutes an ancient artificial edifice was publicised by Houston-based expatriate Bosnian author and metalworker Semir Osmanagi?, whose subsequent excavations at the site have uncovered what he claims to be a paved entrance plateau and tunnels, as well as stone blocks and ancient mortar which he has suggested once covered the structure. Osmanagi? has claimed that the dig involved an international team of archaeologists from Australia, Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Scotland and Slovenia. However, many archaeologists he named have stated they had not agreed to participate and were never at the site.