North America: Natural objects ДОЛИНА ГОБЛИНОВ / Goblin Valley

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PHOTO: Caleb Izdepski 38° 34′ 0″ N, 110° 42′ 36″ W

Долина гоблинов является государственным парком в уезде Эмери (Emery). Её особенностью являются тысячи грибообразных скал, некоторые из которых достигают нескольких метров. Ветер и вода создали фантастические и уникальные Гоблиноподобные скульптуры из скал поражающие воображение. Этот парк является раем для фотографа. Долина Гоблинов была впервые обнаружена ковбоями, отправившимися на поиски потерявшихся коров.



Relatively few people visit Goblin Valley State Park, which is a pity since the eroded sandstone rock formations are every bit as dramatic as the more famous Utah national parks further south, although on a much smaller scale. The park lies at the edge of the vast San Rafael Desert, 12 miles from the small village of Hanksville but far from any town of significance, and is reached along a turning off UT 24 after 11 miles of newly paved road on which it is possible to travel at 60 mph along the flat, but nearer 20 mph along some of the winding sections. The valley, which is only about a mile across and two miles long, is formed by a seasonal wash (Red Canyon) and contains thousands of mushroom-shaped pinnacles or hoodoos a few feet high that someone obviously thought resembled goblins - the formations have large orange-brown boulders of hard rock atop weaker sandy layers which have eroded more quickly, as a result of millions of years of the combined effects of wind and rain.

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