Asia: Ancient cities ДЖАОХ / Jiaohe Ruins

PHOTO: Carl Parker 42°57'3.23"С 89° 3'50.26"В

Город расположен в предгорьях на обширном конгломератном плато между двумя сливающимися реками. Известен со второго века до нашей эры и был разрушен внуками Батыя. Множество глиняных руин, остатки стен, домов с глубокими подвалами и колодцами, буддистские храмы со ступами. Кое-где еще остались скульптурные изображения бодхисатвы. В то время в городе жило 30 тысяч человек. Объект находится под охраной Юнеско. На окраинных холмах уйгурские дома и виноградосушильни.



From the years 108 BC to 450 AD the city of Jiaohe was the capital of the Anterior Jushi Kingdom, concurrent with the Han Dynasty, Jin Dynasty, and Southern and Northern Dynasties in China. It was an important site along the Silk Road trade route leading west, and was adjacent to the Korla and Karasahr kingdoms. From 450 AD until 640 AD it became Jiao prefecture in the Tang Dynasty, and in 640 AD it was made the seat of the new Jiaohe County. From 640 AD until 658 AD it was also the seat of the Protector General of the Western Regions, the highest level military post of a Chinese military commander posted in the west. Since the beginning of the 9th century AD it had become Jiaohe prefecture of the Uyghur Khaganate, until their kingdom was conquered by the Kyrgyz soon after in the year 840.

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