North America: Megalits Стоунжендж Америка / America's Stonehenge

PHOTO: schwarzenfeld 42°50'31.62"С 71°12'35.04"З

В 40 милях от Бостона и в 25 милях от побережья Атлантики расположено древнейшее каменное сооружение Северной Америки, известное как Мистери Хилл («Таинственный Холм») или Американский Стоунхендж. Мистери Хилл представляет собой комплекс выложенных из камня в строго определенном порядке геометрических фигур. В центре Мистери Хилл воздвигнут огромный камень, вокруг которого проложен желоб. Исследователи полагают, что гигантский валун прежде предназначался для жертвоприношений, а желоб выполнял роль стока для крови. Вес самых крупных камней английского Стоунхенджа достигает 45 т, а Мистери Хилл - всего 11 т. Конструкции объектов Мистери Хилл менее сложны, чем у Стоунхенджа. Тем не менее оба мегалита имеют нечто общее. Во-первых, по мнению ученых, они некогда служили обсерваториями. Каждый из них сориентирован на звезды. Во-вторых, нам практически ничего не известно о строителях обоих сооружений.



About 40 miles north of the city of Boston, and about 25 miles inland from the Atlantic Ocean, is what appears to be the greatest, and perhaps oldest, megalithic enigma of North America. Mystery Hill, also known as "America's Stonehenge", is a site that has puzzled archaeologists for almost a century. Running across the 30 acres of hillside are a series of low walls, cave-like primitive buildings, and tunnels that are spread about with, according to one archaeologist, "gigantic confusion and childish disorder, deep cunning and rude naively." While the hill is compared to the English Stonehenge circle, it is, at first glance, physically quite different. Stonehenge is located on a plain, not a hill, and is arranged neatly as a series of concentric circles, horseshoes and squares. Mystery Hill seems a jumble in comparison. The stones involved in Stonehenge are larger, up to 45 tons. The stones at Mystery Hill are smaller (the largest is about 11 tons) and the construction less intricate. Was the site constructed in ancient times by a people we know nothing about? That seems likely. Some theorize that site might be linked to the Greek or Phoenician cultures of the Mediterranean. Certainly there is a startling similarity between the construction of the oracle on Mystery Hill and those found in ancient temples in Malta and Greece. Both sites do have some common points, though. Firstly, they served as observatories. Each has been found to have astronomical alignments including summer solstice. Secondly, we know almost nothing about the builders of either location.

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