Asia: Geoglyphs УШТОГАЙСКИЙ КВАДРАТ / Ushtogay square

PHOTO: Google 50°49'58.52"С 65°19'34.58"В

Уштогайский квадрат— представляет собой геометрическую фигуру состоящую из 101 насыпи в виде курганов. Длина стороны квадрата 287 метров! Примерно на расстоянии 112 м от северо-западного угла по диагонали расположены три кольца диметром 19 метров каждый. На противоположной стороне, на расстоянии 112 метров от юго-восточного угла расположена насыпь диаметром 18 метров. Если квадрат, кольца и насыпь являются единой фигурой, то длина фигуры составляет 643 метра!



This weird thing is in Kazakhstan also but in comparison with the park, which obviously was made by the authorities, nobody knows who and why for made this strange squareness. It could be an idea of some eccentric designer or a job of an alien civilization. And of course, it might be shaped like that naturally. The Ushtogajsky square - represents a geometrical figure consisting of 101 embankments in the form of barrows. Length of the party of a square of 287 metres! Approximately on distance of 112 m from a northwest corner on a diagonal are located three rings in diameter of 19 metres everyone. On an opposite side, on distance of 112 metres from a southeast corner the embankment in diameter of 18 metres is located. If a square, rings and an embankment are a uniform figure the length of a figure makes 643 metres!