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Исторический город в Верхней Бирме, близ Мандалая, в настоящее время — незначительный населенный пункт. Основан в 1364 князем Тадоминбья. Вокруг Авы сложилось бирманское княжество того же названия, подчинившее своей власти большую часть Верхней Бирмы; до середины 16 в. оно было крупнейшим из государств Бирмы. В 1527 А. была разграблена шанами. В 1555 захвачена государством Таунгу, объединившим под своей властью все бирманские территории. В 1600—28 и 1635—1752 А. была его столицей. В государстве Конбаунов Ава также была столицей в 1765—83 и 1823—37. Европейские путешественники 17 в. называли Бирму государством Ава, и название это сохранялось в обиходе до конца 19 в.



Innwa was also known as Ava in the ancient times. It is a city in the Mandalay Division of Myanmar, situated just to the south of Amarapura on the Ayeyarwady River. It is also called Ratnapura meaning "City of Gems". Innwa was the capital of Myanamr from 1364-1841. Prior to this, Sagaing had been the capital, but after Sagaing fell to the Shan, the court moved across the river to Innwa. The kings of Innwa set about restoring Burmese supremacy, which had disintegrated after the fall of Bagan. In 1555, Innwa fell to the southern Burmese Kingdom of Taungoo, but in 1636, the king of Taungoo relocated his own capital to Innwa. In 1752, the Mon revolted against Burmese rule and sacked Innwa. A couple of years later, the founder of the new Konbaung Dynasty, Alaungpaya, crushed the Mon revolt, and after a period with Shwebo as his capital, re-established the court in Innwa. After the British conquered Lower Myanmar, after the Second Anglo-Burmese War, Upper Myanmar was commonly called the Kingdom of Innwa. During the reign of King Bodawpaya (1781-1819), the capital was moved to nearby Amarapura. However, his successor, King Bagyidaw (1819-1837), moved the Court back to Innwa in 1823. When a tremendous earthquake caused extensive damage in 1841, Innwa was finally abandoned for Amarapura. Little remains of the ancient capital today.

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