Europe: Megalits Кромлех Алмендриш / El Almendres Cromlech

PHOTO: npa 38°33'27.06"С 8° 3'40.31"З

Кромлех Алмендриш — мегалитический комплекс, расположенный около Гуадалупе в португальском муниципалитете Эвора. Это крупнейшее скопление менгиров на Иберийском полуострове и одно из крупнейших в Европе. Относится к эпохе неолита, около 5-4 тыс. до н. э. Первоначально состоял из большего числа менгиров, часть которых была в дальнейшем демонтирована.



The Almendres Cromlech megalithic complex, located near Guadalupe, Évora, Portugal, is one of the earliest public monuments. It is the largest existing group of structured menhirs in the Iberian Peninsula, and one of the largest in Europe. This megalithic monument originally consisted of more than one hundred monoliths, some of which have been taken away for other uses. A recent dig showed that the complex had undergone several building phases during the neolithic period (5000 - 4000 BC). About a dozen monoliths present some form of carved drawings, four of which exhibit only small circular holes. Monolith number 8, with a cut flat top at about breast level and showing several dimples, might have served for finer astronomical observation, specially spring equinox observation, by putting small stones on them. These observations might be made from stone 39, on the eastern focal point of the elliptic layout.