South America: Ancient cities Пукара / Pucara

PHOTO: Adrian Heredia 23°35'10.48"Ю 65°24'7.58"З

Пукара-де-Тилькара - руины города-крепости, который построили индейцы-омагуакас в период доколумбовой эпохи. В древних постройках можно различить жилые помещения, дворы с дорожками и загонами для лам, гробницы.



El Pucara de Tilcara is a fortress built by the Tilcara, a bias of Omaguaca Indians, at a strategic point on the Quebrada de Humahuaca. It lies south of the town of Tilcara, on a hill, 80 meters above the Rio Grande de Jujuy. Discovered by the ethnographer and his disciple Juan Ambrosetti Salvador Debenedetti, has an area of 8 hectares and approximately 900 years old. Pucara identified in several neighborhoods of homes, yards, and a burial place for sacred ceremonies, among other places.

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