Europe: Dolmens, Seids Ла-Рош-о-Фе / La Roche-aux-fées

ла рош2.jpg
PHOTO: F.Erler 47°56'11.11"С 1°24'18.05"З

В переводе с французского название памятника переводится как «скала фей». Он представляет собой крытую аллею из больших камней длиной около 20 м. Памятник находится на территории коммуны Эссе. По легенде камни туда принесли феи.



The cave located at La MarcheLa-Roche-aux-F?es is a 64ft (19.5m)-long passage grave, which is 20ft (6m) wide and 13ft (4m) high. The purple-hued stones were mined about 3000BC in the forest at Theil-de-Bretagne - 2.5 miles (4km) to the south of Ess?; each one weighs several tonnes and the ensemble is thought to weigh around 500 tonnes. And that's how the structure got its name - since the stones were so heavy, it was thought that fairies brought them to the site. The dolmen is aligned with the sun's first rays at Winter Solstice (21 December).