North America: Pyramids Кахаль Печ / Cahal Pech

PHOTO: Douglas W. Reynolds,… 17° 9'1.30"С 89° 3'35.28"З

Каха́ль Печ — руины города майя, находящиеся поблизости от Сан Игнасио в Белизе. Название Кахаль Печ происходит из комбинации языков юкатанских майя и майя, живших на территории современных Белиза и Гватемалы и означает «место целей» (название возникло, однако, только в середине XX века).




Cahal Pech is located on the southern outskirts of San Ignacio Town in the upper Belize Valley region of the Cayo District, Belize. The site center sits on the crest of a steep hill on the west bank of the MacalRiver. The central acropolis, approximately 900 feet above sea level, provides a commanding view of the MayaMountains to the south and the fertile valleys of the BelizeRiver to the northeast. Cahal Pech is a site with an unpropitious Maya name meaning "Place of the Ticks." This ceremonial center includes pyramid temples, palaces, and a ball court. Five stelae and an altar (plain) show presence of the stela cult. Some major buildings were roofed with the Maya vault, some apparently not. There was a gradual architectural growth, the occupation probably running through the entire Classic Period, and we have ceramic hints of a longer occupation. Though previously unknown to Archaeologists, it is only about a mile from the suspension bridge at El Cayo. Finally, it is on the lands of Mr. Henry Melhado of Belize, an extremely kind gentleman who permits us to dig it.