Russia: Petroglyphs, Frescos Чальмны-Варрэ / Chalmny-Varre

PHOTO: ruslapland 67°10'7.70"С 37°35'26.78"В

Название деревни Чальмны-Варрэ переводят либо словосочетанием "черный глаз", либо целым предложением "куда ни глянь - везде лес". В самой деревне и на реке Поной близ нее находятся загадочные сейды - Летучий камень и Праудедки.



Kamensky Sami to sources familiar with the XVIII century. They lived on the middle reaches Ponoya and kochevali for small spaces, mainly in the latitudinal direction along the left bank of the River. Their churchyard (one winter and two summer) were not far from each other (within a 10-20 km), and they have one thing in common cemetery located at Ponoe, on the island, nosivshem Saami name Chalmny-Varre, which means "visible Forest "(or Eyes of Forests: The literal translation of this name reads" Barak my eyes ")

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