Europe: Megalits Весёлые девы / The Merry Maidens

PHOTO: kristian.sandven 50° 3'54.56"С 5°35'19.49"З

Кромлех Мэрри мэйденс (Веселые девы). Согласно легенде, 19 мегалитов, формирующих этот кромлех - это окаменевшие девы, которые были наказаны за то, что танцевали в воскресный день на лугу Корнуэлла.



The Merry Maidens lie in a field adjacent to the B3315, the Newlyn-to-Land's End road. This is the best known and preserved circle in Cornwall: it is believed to be complete, which is rare. Its nineteen granite stones are not large (the tallest, 1.4m high, is in the south west, and the shortest directly opposite), but neat and regular, and form a perfect circle of 23.8m (77ft 10in) diameter. The stones are regularly spaced and exactly at the east there is a gap (an entrance or the site of a missing stone).

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