Asia: Ancient cities Торбали / Torbali

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Метрополис был основан около 725 г. до н.э. Город стал развиваться в начале 3 века до н.э., был окружен великолепными оборонительными стенами, имел храм Ареса, различные монументальные здания, такие как Стоа и театр были установлены на Акрополе. Во время римского периода, город сохранил свое значение, но римляне предпочитали селиться на равнине, а не на склонах. В конце византийского периода войны и нестабильности привели к уменьшению размера города. Позже, Метрополис был заселен турками.



Metropolis, meaning Mother Goddess, was founded around 725 B.C. and lived its sparkling time during the Hellenistic Period. The city developed in the beginning of the 3rd century B.C. The city was surrounded by magnificent defence walls, the temple of Ares, various monumental buildings such as stoa and the theatre were established on the acropolis. During the Roman Period, the city retained its importance but Romans preferred to settle in the plain rather than on the slopes. The city was expended during the Byzantium time. But in the late Byzantium period wars and instability led to a reduction in the size of the city. Later on, Metropolis was inhabited by Turks.

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