South America: Ancient cities Маркауамачуко / Marcahuamachuco

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Построенный из камня на высоте 3700 метров над уровнем моря, Маркауамачуко занимает площадь в 240 гектаров. Арехологам до сих пор неизвестны его создатели и жители. "Мы не знаем, к какой культуре принадлежит Маркауамачуко. Исследования смогли только дать время его строительства – между 350 и 400 г. н.э., но мы не знаем, когда сюда прибыли жители и сколько они здесь пробыли".



The ruins of this mysterious ancient monumental center bespeak a majesty long forgotten through centuries of abandonment and decay. Built over 1,600 years ago atop a highland mesa at 3,200 meters (10,000 feet), it commands a sweeping view of the three northern Peruvian mountain valleys below it. Archaeologists call it the "Machu Picchu of the North", and rightly so. Covering more than 3 kilometers of land, it is known for its impressively massive castillos and circular double-walled structures and enclosures. But over the years, its impressive remains have fallen prey to the elements, both natural and human-derived, such as weathering, plant growth, livestock grazing, and lack of conservation. Now, it appears its long decline ends and a new lease on life begins.