By advertising on the site, please contact  


   In reviewing the proposals, we prefer the following resources  


   - Website and media close to the project topic "Onward to the past."  


   - Companies and organizations producing and selling high technology products.  


   - Tourist attractions.  


   - Scientific, educational, cultural and other informative projects.  


   Strongly consider proposals for advertising obscene, tobacco, alcohol, etc.  


   At present, we can offer the following types of advertising:  


   1. Banner placement in  left/right  columns   permanently without rotation on all webpages size 200x200.  


   The cost of accommodation - 70 rubles for 1000  visits or 2000 rubles  a month.  


   2. Placing a banner in the right column on a regular basis without rotation on all webpages size 200x400.  


 The cost of accommodation - 100 rubles for 1000  visits or 3000 rubles  a month.   


  Graphics can be  submitted in the format GIF, Flash, GPG, of no greater than 30 kb.  


   Flash-banner is desirable to accompany with simplified GIF or GPG copy of the same size and weight as the main   banner. In case if the user does not have the appropriate viewer.  


   Advertising space on provided on an ongoing basis or on the basis of uniform display with other offers on the time grid.   


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